Fight Mechanics

This is a 1 Phase encounter that all revolves around the Void Ritual mechanic. On Mythic the big change is every player that is hit by the Void Orb will spawn an Awakened Terror add that repeatedly casts Terror Wave that will fear everyone for 3 seconds if the cast completes. To avoid being feared, you should have a kick rotation set up for each of the 3 adds that spawn, with ranged kicks prioritizing the 2nd and 3rd adds as the boss will be too far away to allow melee to interrupt them right away. As for Void Ritual, there are 4 sets that will occur on Mythic, each of them will have the exact same pillar spawns each time. The only thing that changes is the position of the Void Orb spawn and the ‘goal’ may swap positions. It is also important to note that sets 1 and 4 are identical, so once your first group has successfully scored a goal it may be worthwhile to allow your fourth group to have a few tries to minimize wipes later on. All of the other mechanics such as Torment, Soul Flay, and the ticking damage from Anguish all remain from Heroic difficulty.

Suggested Healing Talents

A standard talent setup is fine for this fight. You may opt to use Wind Rush Totem if you feel your group needs help moving during Torment.

Notable Azerite Traits and Essences

Anguish and Soul Flay are the only real sources of damage on the fight, however the group will remain stacked up for most of the fight so typical traits such as Spouting Spirits, Overflowing Shores, Heart of Darkness, among others, are all fine for this fight. For essences, there is constant ticking damage so I’d recommend taking the Vision of Perfection major. 

Healing Tips

  •  While the fight does require a fair bit of healing, the Anguish damage is almost never lethal and therefore you should opt to use raid-wide damage reductions like Spirit Link Totem when Soul Flay is ending to prevent deaths.
  • Tremor Totem is great on this fight as it can help prevent a missed interrupt on the Awakened Terror adds. Be careful to watch kicks during the Void Ritual groups to see if any are about to be missed so you can drop your Tremor Totem. Additionally, if you have multiple shamans you can opt to chain Tremor Totems once the 2nd and 3rd adds spawn to ensure coverage on the harder adds.
  • Help interrupt either the 2nd or the 3rd add that spawns. Wind Shear is a low CD ranged kick that is very powerful on a fight like this. There are multiple WeakAuras (found on that can help alert you when your kick is up next.
  • Remember that while healers are doing the Void Rituals there will probably be less healing going out as they’re focused on scoring their goals. If multiple healers are going at once you may opt to use things like Healing Tide Totem to help out.


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