Fight Mechanics

This is really a 2 phase encounter separated by intermissions. When the boss reaches 100 energy he will cast Twilight Decimator, causing him to breathe lethal damage onto 3 separate areas of the room (outer, middle, or inner/stairs). These areas run left and right, and Vexiona will always target a player with Twilight Decimator, meaning it’s able to be baited. You should group up at one location and move to the next – we opted to start on the outside, move to inner/stairs, next to middle, and finally back to the outside because the breath does not completely disappear by the time the next one has begun, so this always gave us a ‘safe’ area to move to. Throughout the entire fight players will be affected by Encroaching Shadows and need to drop off pools – you should try to save as much room as possible early on.

In Phase 1 there will be adds that spawn from the Dark Gateway casts, which also does some raid-wide damage. On Mythic the new add is the Enforcer, which repeatedly casts Brutal Smash, and grips players to him periodically. Brutal Smash does lethal damage, so you should avoid it if at all possible, and players who are gripped need to be ready to use their Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve to remove any movement slowing abilities they may receive. Despair is also present in Phase 1, which does AoE damage equal to the amount of missing health the tank has when it expires – this means the tank should be as close to 100% as possible when Despair expires to reduce damage taken. The Twilight Decimator intermissions happen roughly twice in the first phase.

At 40% the boss will transition into the last phase, requiring players to be near another player to avoid Terrifying Presence. Tanks should stay stacked at all times with each other and need to be sure they don’t leave their Desolation target behind. You should plan for 3 Heart of Darkness casts in this phase, each of which will deal heavy damage and require some tricky positioning to avoid taking more damage from the Heart of Darkness cast as well as avoiding the Shadow of Vexiona and the Twilight Decimator cast it does. It is helpful if you can position between 2 of the ‘safe’ areas (ex. inner/stairs and middle) that way the boss does not have to move. 

Suggested Talents

A standard talent setup works well on Vexiona, Wind Rush Totem can help your group move during the Twilight Decimator casts.

Notable Azerite Traits and Essences

Normal azerite traits like Spouting Spirits and Overflowing Shores are again fine on this boss, especially for Phase 3. Again, Heart of Darkness is powerful and you should take it if you have it available and meet the corruption requirements. It’s worth noting that tanks take quite a lot of damage on this fight so having one Turn of the Tide may be helpful, especially if you have to spot heal the tank when they have Despair. For essences I would recommend using either the Vision of Perfection major or the Vitality Conduit major – the reason for this is tanks take the majority of the damage on this fight, and it is important to top the tanks during Despair so they don’t kill your group, and Vitality Conduit can be helpful for this.

Healing Tips

  •  Make sure to use Wind Rush Totem during the Twilight Decimator intermissions to allow your group, and especially the players with Encroaching Shadows, to get to where they need to go. 
  • Make sure to track Despair on tanks as they will need some healing to make sure they’re topped off when Despair ends, otherwise your raid will take a large amount of damage.
  • Use Wind Shear and Capacitor Totem on the adds to help group them up or interrupt deadly casts such as Spiteful Assault.
  • In Phase 3 you can use Tremor Totem on the 1st and 3rd cast of Heart of Darkness to prevent people being feared if they’re unable to stack up.
  • Sometimes tanks can be hard to heal in Phase 3 because they’re out of range. To make sure you’re not being affected by Terrifying Presence, it may be helpful to stand in melee.


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