Varimathras is pretty straightforward as far as bosses go, with only a few mechanics to look our for over the entirety of the encounter:

  • Torments – Over the course of the fight the raid will be tormented by different elements, causing periodic ticking damage to the raid. The fight starts with Flames, which is simply raw damage, and is followed by Frost. Frost will apply a 40% movement speed reduction to the whole raid on top of the AoE damage. Fel is the third torment, which increases the damage dealt by the AoE effect by 2% per tick. Shortly before enrage, the boss will switch to Torment of Shadows, which will deal similar AoE damage, but also causes the raid to be unhealable (try to have SLT here or your tanks will die pretty quick).
  • Misery
  • Dark Fissures – These are Void Zones that the boss will place under the feet of random players. Since your will be stacking the raid as a group for this boss you will simply shift away from the void zones as a group as they spawn.
  • Marked Prey – This debuff may be applied to you, but you will likely be able to ignore it (please don’t run out with this – make sure your weakauras don’t confuse you) as it causes the boss to charge at you and knock back the first player he hits. It is very likely that you will have either a tank or a rogue handling this mechanic, so make sure you move as little as possible (and top them up before they get hit!) to make their job easier.
  • Shadow of Varimathras – This is the mythic mode add. Whenever someone gets hit by marked prey or is not within 8 yards of any other players this add will spawn. These need to be killed before they get off their Echoes of Doom cast, so you have 5 seconds from spawn to kill them. If you happen to be off GCD when they spawn, blasting them with a flame shock will never hurt your chances of killing the boss (unless someone is about to die that is!).
  • Necrotic Embrace – This debuff is essentially the cause of all the difficulty of the encounter. It targets 2 players and upon expiration jumps to anyone within 10 yards. Because you don’t want to spawn 2 adds simultaneously you will likely have a sturdy DPS or tank run out alongside the two targeted players so that they can take both plague debuffs on expiration without forcing the randomly targeted players to take the damage of both plague AND alone in the dark. After your rogue/tank takes both debuffs, they will likely stand still as the randomly targeted players return to your stacked group and they will then proceed to let the plagues expire and spawn another Shadow add.


  • T15 – Torrent is your best option here, having a stronger instant cast ready to go as the healing reduction on a player expires is invaluable
  • T30 – Wind Rush is nice to help counteract the slow from the Torment of Frost, otherwise Graceful will simply allow you to have SWG up for two extra Dark Fissure shifts.
  • T45 – Irrelevant
  • T60 – AG is the only correct option, even though this is the best deluge fight of the tier it is still meh at best
  • T75 – You can argue for any choice here. EST will never miss healing on this fight, APT is great to save someone who may have been knocked too low by their plague expiration (or a tank mistaunt), and Vigor will give your Mark/Plague soakers and the random plague targets that bit of extra health they may need to survive.
  • T90 – CBT (duh)
  • T100 – Ascendance is the correct option here, simply because Chain Heal will stop bouncing if a Misery target is within 15 yards. Ascendance is also great for keeping people alive at the end of Torment of Fel when the damage has ramped up a ton.

For Legendaries any combination of Prydaz + Either Velens/Roots/Fire can be used on this encounter depending on your gear (likely the setup that gives you the best itemization will end up performing the best for you here). Fire rarely overheals, and is actually very strong on this fight overall. Its also important to note that the shield from Prydaz is NOT stopped by the healing reduction from Plague/Fissure/Torment of Shadow, so it can very easily save your life in a situation that nothing else can.


This fight is all about timing. Make sure you are keeping healing rain down as much as humanly possible. Keep an eye on the shadow strike/mark/plague timers, and try to top off the players taking damage from those abilities right before they get hit and misery is applied. Try to save SLT for the Torment of Shadow at the end of the fight, as SLT + absorbs like clarity of will are the only things that can heal your tanks for the last 20 seconds of the fight before enrage. Also note that ghost wolf negates the slow from Torment of Frost, so utilize that as much as you can to increase your survivability/throughput.


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