As of right now most trinkets do not have significant impact on performance. If you want to compare your trinkets use the spreadsheet. The following article is strictly how these trinkets are used or a brief description of their overall power level when in consideration with similar item level trinkets.

Available Trinkets


This trinket amazing for early progression, being the only trinket that is “guaranteed.”  If you are gearing a fresh character, look to pick this up, otherwise ignore this trinket as an end game option.  The amount of mana it returns is minor and it also heals people in a chain heal like fashion. 

One of the best trinkets in the game for Restoration Shamans due to its high intellect proc, flat versatility and 40% extra mana from mana potions.  This trinket has a limited potential though since it can only be crafted as high as 415 ilvl.

World Drop

This trinket amazing for early progression, since it is BoE and more than likely someone on your server will have this for sale.  It gives very solid stats since it is a stat stick with int and controllable secondary stats.  See below for what rotational abilities give what stat.

Critical Strike- Healing WaveHealing SurgeChain Heal

Versatility- Lightning BoltRiptide

Mastery- Downpour

Haste- Healing Rain (each tick), Wellspring (each hit), Unleash Life


With static int this trinket provides solid consistent throughput with an active single target ramping heal. This helps with single target or tank healing but has low impact at the start.
Provides consistent throughput with the base int as well as the proc critical strike. Overall a solid trinket that is useful in any scenario.

One of the two mana return trinkets in Battle for Azeroth with this one being on use rather than a proc. The mana returned from this trinket is quite significant and can aid on mana intense fights.  If you feel mana starved, seek this out as a way of alleviating mana starvation.

The on use of this trinket is fantastic if you can line it up with something like Healing Tide Totem. The haste ramps up every 4 seconds meaning you will want to pre-cast this trinket 10 seconds in advance if you are pairing it with Healing Tide Totem.
The reverse of Ignition Mage’s Fuse in terms of timing it with abilities. Provides extremely high upfront intellect that decays over time or when you take damage. Taking damage reduces the intellect by one “step” (as if a second had passed). This is incredible if used with a burst of healing after a large damage event.
Part of a set with Lord Waycrest’s Signet, this trinket provides a slight healing and damage increase. If you wear the set you have a chance each time this trinket procs to also proc the other half of the trinket at a reduced rate. This can be incredibly strong if you are dpsing in down time or maintaining flame shock on a boss over the course of a fight.


This trinket provides a decent on use effect that increases healing done to the target for the next 5 direct heals you cast on them. Overall this is better than something like Revitalizing Voodoo Totem at equivalent item level.

The better of the two raid trinkets this provides flat crit with essentially a proc of intellect. A solid trinket all around much like Conch of Dark Whispers.

Battle of Dazar'alor

This is essentially an over budget stat stick.  The downside is the secondary stats are easily lost when any kind of stacked up strategy is employed on a fight.  If you decide to use this trinket, keep in mind how often you will be stacked near others without this trinket.  Anything less than 60% uptime and this trinket is poor.

A simple haste proc trinket with flat intellect.  This trinket isn’t bad, but isn’t great.  Overall the haste from the proc is on the lower end which detracts from its value by quite a bit.

The main appeal for this trinket is the on use AoE shield.  Ideally you should hit 5 targets with the shield even if you only want one person to be shielded as the shield grows in strength by a minor amount for each person that is shielded.

Even though this trinket has overall less throughput than other trinkets at similar item level, it has great life saving potential since it heals for around half someone’s health.  This trinket is amazing for any kind of priority target healing.

Crucible of Storms

This is a new style of healing trinket that absorbs both damage and healing on a target.  In order to get the most out of this trinket, make sure the target receives as little healing as possible while this is active on them.  Try to use this on full health targets who are about to take damage rather than low health targets that need healing.  This is definitely more useful in smaller group content where you have more control over who is getting healed.  

World Bosses

Much like Balefire Branch, this trinket provides a massive boost on activation that falls off over time. This can be quite strong for massive Healing Tides although getting a high item level version will be hard.
Much like other trinkets, this provides a nice flat throughput increase with on proc versatility.

This trinket is mediocre due to it needing to proc when healing is needed.  The main downfall of this trinket is having static mastery and being very proc reliant.

A strong trinket that provides a nice crit boost when you need it most. Seeing as crit is our best stat and this trinket is fully controllable, this is one of the better trinkets if you can obtain it. Like other world boss trinkets, good luck trying to get this at a high enough item level to have it be impactful later in the tier.

A very poor trinket in terms of overall stats since it is essentially a Balefire Branch but has less intellect at the start and scales down over time as well.

World Bosses

A solid on use intellect trinket with flat versatility on a 2 min cooldown.  Ideally you would line this up with a High Tide proc or Healing Tide Totem to get the most effectiveness of the on use.

This trinket is a solid choice for consistent throughput since it has very high uptime on the intellect proc as well as flat versatility.  Overall this trinket is a very good option for PvE content.

This trinket is essentially the same as the PvP badge trinket except it has flat intellect and on use versatility.  See the badge entry for effective uses.


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