Trinkets can be found in a wide variety of manners, from world quests and the auction house to raid bosses. In this article we will address three things:
  • Our overall ranking of the current trinkets
  • An insight into what trinkets some of the top resto shamans are currently using
  • Which trinkets are out there and where you can find them

Dungeon Trinkets

Please refer to the Mythic+ dungeon guide for advice on trinkets to use.

Available Trinkets


This trinket is lackluster for shaman, as almost all mana issues can be circumvented with better spell selection.
This trinket is decent for shaman, about even with a stat stick of equal item level.
This trinket is strong for a fresh level 110. It quickly becomes devalued as you gain access to trinkets from Antorus and Tomb.

World Bosses

Similar to Unstable Arcanocrystal, but features intellect as opposed to additional secondaries
A very powerful trinket due to our great scaling with secondaries.


Most of the trinkets for 5 mans are relatively lackluster. Here you’ll find the only real option from 5 man dungeons:

By far the best trinket available from 5 man dungeons. It gives about 1 proc, per stat, per minute.

Antorus the Burning Throne

As one of the Pantheon Trinkets, it will eventually outpace almost any other option once it hits item level 1000. Its issue is that, at equivalent item level it is not very strong. However, it is definitely worthwhile if using it grants your raid a Pantheon Proc.

Overall just a very strong trinket. SImilar to an Arcanocrystal, but even more powerful. Definitely best in slot.
A trinket that is very strong in its niche. It aids in spot healing for debuffs, something very prevalent in Antorus

One of the highest throughput trinkets, when you are able to proc it. The harder that a boss hits the raid, the stronger that this trinket is.

Generally a weaker trinket. Can be paired effectively with Cloudburst Totem, Ancestral Guidance and Ascendance for a large burst.
Falls into the same pit that most mana trinkets fall into. We are not very reliant on mana, as we can change our spell selection in exchange for higher throughput trinkets very easily.
A nice “equip and forget” option. The haste gained by this trinket can vary wildly, which can affect its value.
A weak trinket, as it loses value as a boss loses HP. Can be useful on some fights with adds, as it allows for consistent high HP targets for a stronger on use.
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