Ancestral Guidance

How to use the Spreadsheet

Step 1: Access the Spreadsheet and make a Copy

Create a copy by clicking the link in the Info Box in the top right. Alternatively use this link.

Step 1.5: Do you need to use your own logs?

Your own copy of the Spreadsheet gives you access to a lot of different tools, with an estimation of stat weights based on logs – such as Azerite Gear Comparison, trinket estimations and weapon enchant information.

All this is based on log information giving you stat weights, and some look at how much you use certain abilities (Overflowing Shores is directly linked to your Healing Rain casts). The data that’s already in the spreadsheet is based off of logs of various mythic kills of the members of Ancestral Guidance, trying to get a healthy balance of different types of bosses and players.

Inserting your own information will personalize this data to how you play.

Step 2: Selecting a fight and setting up the Spreadsheet

The Data that’s most useful are progress kills as they usually involve you trying your best and not cheesing anything – using fights where you actually have something to heal is good as well, since having a lot of downtime can screw with the results.

Now that you have a log selected, visit WoWAnalyzer and paste your combatlog URL into the box. For help using WoWAnalyzer, please visit the Wowhead Guide. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Details section and select the Player Log Data heading. Copy and paste these values into the Player Information box in Main Page tab of the spreadsheet, using the topmost orange cell.

Step 3: The results

Congratulations, after pasting this information, the spreadsheet is now tailored to your log!

  • The Azerite Ranks page has the estimated values for all Azerite Traits.
  • The Azerite Comparison tool will allow you to directly compare 2 Azerite pieces and find out which is worth more. Simply type in the name of the pieces you wish to compare and the item level into the correct boxes. The tool will tell you which piece is worth more and highlight the traits you should choose.
  • The Trinket Ranks page has the estimated value for all trinkets.
  • The Rank Your Trinkets page allows you to insert your trinkets and compare them in 2 ways:
    1. The first table allows you to compare the estimated HPS values for the trinkets you input. They are ranked on the right hand side. Be sure to check and ensure the item level is correct or you will get an error!
    2. The bottom tables will allow you to compare the mana return of trinkets. Mana can be hard to evaluate in terms of HPS, so we kept this portion separate.
  • The Main Page also evaluates the current weapon enchants. It will highlight the highest HPS enchant with a light blue.
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