Fight Mechanics

This is a 3 Phase encounter that phases at 67% and 33%. A few of the abilities such as Debilitating Spit and the Living Miasma add occur throughout the entire fight while some of the other mechanics are tied to a specific phase. If you are targetted by the Living Miasma add you will need to receive some sort of movement freeing ability like a Paladin’s Freedom to allow you to position yourself away from the group to reduce the damage done by Slurry Outburst. Additionally on Mythic, the Slurry Outburst will spawn a Tasty Morsel that will need to be fed to Shad’har to reduce his Hungry stacks. If he reaches 10 stacks he will enrage, however not every player will need to feed on every Slurry Outburst. Generally, every other player will end up feeding Shad’har their Tasty Morsel. Also, the first player to get Debilitating Spit each cast will receive 4 stacks of it – this player will take a large amount of damage and will need some additional healing.

In Phase 1 Shad’har will have access to Umbral Breath and Umbral Mantle. Throughout this phase Umbral Mantle will spawn random pools around the room that need to be dodged, and the frequency that these occur will gradually increase as the fight progresses, so it’s important to try and get out of this phase quickly if you can. Umbral Breath will target a random player, so you should be evenly spread out around the room to prevent always having to move every time the breath is cast. 

When Phase 2 begins Shad’har will run to eat his Entropic Mantle which will gradually build up over time and give him access to Entropic Breath and Entropic Buildup. This is probably the hardest phase as Entropic Breath reduces healing received for a short time, so you should opt to use Heroism/Bloodlust during this phase to get through it quickly. 

In Phase 3 Shad’har will again run to eat his Noxious Mantle, giving him access to Bubbling Breath and Bubbling Overflow. You should gradually kite the boss around the edge of the room until he dies, and use damage reductions any time a person with Living Miasma is unable to make it far away from the group. 

Suggested Talents

You should run a standard talent build on this fight. Use Earthen Wall Totem as often as you can and on as many people as you can – it is especially good in Phase 2 and 3. 

Notable Azerite Traits and Essences

This fight requires a lot of healing and is quite stacked up, allowing traits like Overflowing Shores and Spouting Spirits to shine. As always, Heart of Darkness provides a lot of stats and should be used if you have access to it and meet the corruption requirements. For essences you should run Vision of Perfection major as people are very rarely at 100% health so it will almost always do effective healing. I would also recommend running the Ever-Rising Tide and Lucid Dreams minors if you are struggling with mana on this fight.

Healing Tips

  • Phase 1 is the most annoying phase to heal because of Umbral Mantle. You can use Spiritwalker’s Grace early on and get a 2nd use shortly before the boss phases to allow you to heal while moving.
  • Slurry Outburst happens regularly so you should drop Cloudburst Totem on CD.
  • Make sure you can see the number of Debilitating Spit stacks on your allies as 4 stacks will do significant damage to that player.
  • The best time to use a Potion of Replenishment on this fight is as the boss is transitioning between either Phase 1 to Phase 2, or Phase 2 to Phase 3. 


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