Fight Mechanics

Radiance of Azshara can be killed as either the second or third boss of The Eternal Palace. This fight is arguably the easiest of the first 3 bosses as it is very similar to heroic and the only added mechanic is very easy to deal with. 

Every ~18 seconds the raid will take a heavy burst of damage from Unshackled Power, which is the primary form of damage in this fight. On Mythic, one additional add is spawned during the intermissions, so you will need to split your raid in half once it is time for the Intermission. Similar to Heroic, healers will need to dispel players with Arcane Bomb once the player is in a safe location. Everyone should aim to dodge the tornadoes spawned by Arcanado Burst as it is completely avoidable damage. 

During the Intermissions the tank can pull the Stormwraith towards the edge of the Ancient Tempest so Gale Buffet wont knock you out of the circle. Alternatively, you can have your back up against the entrance stairs so you are instead knocked into them and avoid being displaced by the knockback. DPS and tanks should rotate kicks on the Stormling’s Chain Lightnings to avoid extra damage.

Suggested Talents

This fairly ‘standard’ talent setup is great for this boss, especially because you’ll be splitting your raid in half, meaning you would be unable to make great use of Wellspring and Ascendance throughout the entire encounter. Wind Rush Totem can be used at the start of intermission to help your group move through the Squall Traps a bit easier.

Notable Azerite Traits and Essences

Spouting Spirits and Overflowing Shores will provide a large amount of healing, especially if you can get the majority of the raid to stack up when you use your Spirit Link. Due to the heavy raid healing every ~18 seconds and being separated from your entire raid group for prolonged periods of time, I would recommend using Memory of Lucid Dreams Major and the Ever-Rising Tide minor

Healing Tips


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