Undulation will continue to be strong in Battle for Azeroth but Unleash Life now has a lot of value since our artifact traits have been turned off.  It has a decent upfront heal and combos well with Chain HealHigh Tide is the default tier 100 talent since Ancestral Guidance is gone and therefore Ascendance loses a lot of value.  You will want to take Echo of the Elements in their 30 to combo with Cloudburst Totem in tier 90.  Check out the new Battle for Azeroth talent guide for more details.

Stats and Gearing

Go for item level.  Intellect has doubled to tripled in value with the new stat squish.  Crit is still our best secondary stat followed closely by the other three.

Don’t stress out about stats too much, the correct spell selection on the right person will do so much more to help your performance than trying to min/max stats. There are no percentages to aim for.


Check out our trinkets guide for more details about Battle for Azeroth trinkets.


Wago.io has a wide selection of weakauras, we will add a guide with selected weakauras at a later date.

Want more FAQ?

Join us on discord for a more detailed FAQ.  


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