Undulation will continue to be strong for the pre-patch period but Unleash Life now has a lot of value since our artifact traits have been turned off.  It has a decent upfront heal and combos well with Chain HealHigh Tide is the default tier 100 talent since Ancestral Guidance is gone and therefore Ascendance loses a lot of value.  You will want to take Echo of the Elements in their 30 to combo with Cloudburst Totem in tier 90.  Check out the new Battle for Azeroth talent guide for more details.


VelensPrydazRoots and Soul keep the top spot for progress, with Chest still being acceptable for farm content and good for Varimathras.

Insignia of the Grand Army has been redesigned to provide a flat 2% healing and damage increase.  This is still mostly an irrelevant legendary.

Amanthul’s Vision is not a real legendary, as you can equip it together with 2 other legendaries. This will be your best Trinket option if you ever happen to get it.

Tier 21

After a great Tier 20, we get a equally great Tier 21 set, which doesn’t involve any RNG this time.

This makes us able to spotheal without losing HPS, and use more Tidal waves for a way of healing the raid with low mana usage. With or without High Tidechain heal will still always be the best throughput option for high raid damage situations. 4 piece is stronger than it reads – literally – as it is more around 70% Transfer as a base value, and not 40%.
  • You will want to upgrade straight from Tier 20 – 4 piece to Tier 21 – 4 piece unless you can gain a lot (5+ overall) itemlevel, then upgrading to Tier 21 – 2 piece is also an option.
  • Do not straight up drop Tier 20 – 4 piece until you can gain Tier 21.
  • Drop Tier 20 – 2 piece as soon as you break 4 piece, as it is quite useless alone.

Combining the sets (4T20 and 2T21) is possible, but generally weaker than just using T21, unless you have really high titanforged Tier 20.

Stats and Gearing

Go for item level.  Intellect has doubled to tripled in value with the new stat squish.  Crit is still our best secondary stat followed closely by the other three.

Don’t stress out about stats too much, the correct spell selection on the right person will do so much more to help your performance than trying to min/max stats. There are no percentages to aim for.


Go for pure item level as the effects of relics no longer matter.


Highfather’s Machinations, Eonar’s, and Velen’s all continue to be strong choices for raiding after the prepatch.


Wago.io has a wide selection of weakauras, we will add a guide with selected weakauras at a later date.


From best to worst food:

Prepot with Potion of Prolonged Power and use Leytorrent Potion for mana. Ancient Mana Potion is fine to use if you can’t find the 10 seconds or use as a 3rd pot due to death resetting your potions.
Flask of the Whispered Pact for your flasking needs and get the Lightforged Augment Rune to never run out of runes


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