No real changes, Undulation catches up with Torrent with T21, and Ascendance has some more uses. Look into the Talent guide for a basic overview, and the Boss guides have Talent recommendations for every mythic encounter.


VelensPrydazRoots and Soul keep the top spot for progress, with Chest still being acceptable for farm content and good for Varimathras.

The newcomer Insignia of the Grand Army is, even with the best relics you can get, one of the worst legendaries sadly. With it being at best a 1.5% throughput increase from its legendary effect, it finds itself at the bottom tier of legendaries, as with most traits it will perform even worse.

Amanthul’s Vision is not a real legendary, as you can equip it together with 2 other legendaries. This will be your best Trinket option if you ever happen to get it.

Tier 21

After a great Tier 20, we get a equally great Tier 21 set, which doesn’t involve any RNG this time.

This makes us able to spotheal without losing HPS, and use more Tidal waves for a way of healing the raid with low mana usage. With or without High Tidechain heal will still always be the best throughput option for high raid damage situations. 4 piece is stronger than it reads – literally – as it is more around 70% Transfer as a base value, and not 40%.
  • You will want to upgrade straight from Tier 20 – 4 piece to Tier 21 – 4 piece unless you can gain a lot (5+ overall) itemlevel, then upgrading to Tier 21 – 2 piece is also an option.
  • Do not straight up drop Tier 20 – 4 piece until you can gain Tier 21.
  • Drop Tier 20 – 2 piece as soon as you break 4 piece, as it is quite useless alone.

Combining the sets (4T20 and 2T21) is possible, but generally weaker than just using T21, unless you have really high titanforged Tier 20.

Stats and Gearing

The best way to gear is to equip your Legendaries of choice, tier pieces and your highest itemlevel pieces in the other armor slots. Balance out stats with Jewelry as needed, usually avoiding Mastery. As most of the Gear is decided by titanforging, a Best-in-slot list is next to impossible and thus will not be provided.

Drape of Shame usually is valued at around 15 itemlevel, this depends on a lot of factors but it is generally not worth farming. If you do happen to get it, note that this value is specifically for the back slot – as soon as you try to shuffle around other gear slots this evaluation falls apart.

Don’t stress out about stats too much, the correct spell selection on the right person will do so much more to help your performance than trying to min/max stats. There are no percentages to aim for.


Buffeting Waves gains value with T21, Floodwaters loses a little value due to less Chain Heal casts on average. The other traits roughly stay the same, use the Relic chart in the Spreadsheet for up to date values on any Trait (including Netherlight Crucible).


As with relics, trinkets can be found in the Spreadsheet with the option to change itemlevel if you make a copy. As to the 2 great Tomb trinkets, The Deceivers Grand Design is still great as long as you can make effective use of the active – but Sea Star has a lot of mythic encounters where you’re either too spread or don’t cast enough Chain Heal to make effective use out of its active.

Luckily there are Trinkets to replace your current ones, the most nameworthy being Highfathers for any encounter where your raid is regularly in danger.


Wago.io has a wide selection of weakauras, we will add a guide with selected weakauras at a later date.


From best to worst food:
Prepot with Potion of Prolonged Power and use Leytorrent Potion for mana. Ancient Mana Potion is fine to use if you can’t find the 10 seconds or use as a 3rd pot due to death resetting your potions.
Flask of the Whispered Pact for your flasking needs and get the Lightforged Augment Rune to never run out of runes!


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