Fight Mechanics

The Queen’s Court is the sixth boss in The Eternal Palace. It is similar to Heroic with the added mechanic of Sphere of Influence on Mythic difficulty, causing you to kite both bosses around the room in a clockwise motion. 

Like heroic, the majority of the damage comes from Form Ranks and Potent Spark, making those overlaps very difficult to deal with. Tanks should always keep the bosses at least 21 yards apart due to Separation of Power, as any time they are too close will result in a huge damage loss, making the already tight enrage even harder. The raid will have to deal with several Decrees throughout the fight; it’s important you know which decree is active so you can deal with each of them effectively. Silivaz will occasionally use Frenetic Charge at a player, which will deal heavy split damage, so the raid should help the player soak the damage unless Stand Alone is currently active. During the Frenetic Charge and Stand Alone overlap, you can use external damage reductions, immunities, or simply opt to sacrifice the player with Frenetic Charge to avoid a large amount of damage caused by Stand Alone. Silivaz will also cast Zealous Eruption, and you must make sure to be inside of the bubble as it does an incredible amount of damage and will almost certainly kill you. Again, this is dangerous while Stand Alone is active, so be weary of people around you. Pashmar occasionally targets players with Fanatical Verdict, which will deal a large amount of damage, so players should try to avoid soaking other forms of damage if possible. Make sure you aren’t inside Violent Outburst when it is finished casting.  Lastly Pashmar will summon Potent Sparks, which will slowly die on their own, and when killed will do a large amount of AoE damage. Space these out as much as you can so you have enough time to top the raid before each of them explode. 

Many of these abilities will overlap with the various Decrees, which is the difficulty of the fight, however they will always occur in the same order: Form Ranks, Repeat Performance, Stand Alone, Deferred Sentence, and lastly Obey and Suffer. Once the cycle completes, it will start over again.

Suggested Talents

Due to the spread nature of the fight, you’re best off going with AV over EWT or APT.  Wellspring is a viable option if you want to time it with the burst damage from sparks or form ranks.

Notable Azerite Traits and Essences

Spouting Spirits and Overflowing Shores are quite strong on this fight as there is a large amount of AoE damage. This is a fairly long fight, so I would recommend using the Memory of Lucid Dreams and the Ever-Rising Tide as your essences, however, Life-Binder’s Invocation can be used to great effect as well.

Healing Tips

  • All damage on this fight is burst damage, make sure the raid is topped before each instance of damage.
  • Sparks are 1.5 minutes apart allowing you to use 3 minute cooldowns every other set of sparks.


I enjoy healing. Niseko testing dummy irl.
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