Fight Mechanics

Queen Azshara is a four phase encounter that mostly deals with managing the power level of the Wards of Power around the room.  In the first phase you are tasked with fighting Cyranus and Aethanel.  These two mini bosses have mostly negligible mechanics from a healer perspective except for Cyranus’s Charged Spear.  During this phase you will also be tasked with killing Overzealous Hulks before they are able to drain the power of the Wards of Power.  Azshara will also occasionally drain a Ward of Power at random around the room.  To recharge these wards you can stand in them but you will gain a stack of Drained Soul.  Avoid getting more than 5 or 6 stacks of Drained Soul if possible.  Azshara will also occasionally cast Beckon which will always target 1 healer and 1 ranged damage dealer.  In this phase, the beckon spawn point will always be near the middle of the room.  Avoid being mind controlled by walking as far from the image of Azshara as possible (outside edge of the room)  Azshara will also occasionally spawn Arcane Orb around the room that must be soaked fully or else they will deal heavy raid damage.  Only one person needs to soak each orb.  Lastly, Azshara will cast Divide and Conquer which will split the room in half on one of the two diagonals (front left to back right or front right to back left from the perspective of when you first zone in to the room).  Once Cyranus and Aethanel are deafted, Queen Azshara will move into her first intermission.  During this intermission you will be marked with two decrees and multiple arcane orb will spawn around the room.  Simply obey the decrees you are given and make sure as a raid all the arcane orb are soaked.  On mythic there are set numbers of each combination (2 stack + stay, 2 spread + stay, 3 spread + soak, 4 stack + soak, 2 stack + don’t soak, and the rest are some combination of move + stack / spread).  

After the intermission, Queen Azshara will enter the battlefield as an attackable target.  She will continually drain the closest yellow ward she is next to, or charge the blue ward if she is closest to it.  Continually soak the wards to keep the blue one empty, and the yellow ones full while keeping everyone’s Drained Soul stacks at 5 to 6.  Beckon still happens in this phase and the image of Azshara you are beckoned to spawns next to the boss rather than the middle of the room.  Azshara will also cast Arcane Missles at everyone in her line of sight every 3 seconds.  Taking arcane damage will also apply a stack of Arcane Vulnerability.  Queen Azshara will also cast Arcane Burst which targets 3 raid members with a debuff that deals damage when dispelled or expires to everyone within LoS.  If Azshara is hit by one of these bursts, her next cast of Arcane Burst will apply an extra debuff to the raid.  Upon reaching 100 energy, Queen Azshara will cast Arcane Detonation which will deal lethal damage to all players within LoS.  Azshara will also spawn in Azshara’s Devoted or Azshara’s Indomitable which will run to the middle of the room and sacrifice themselves to charge the blue ward of power.

Upon reaching 70% health, Azshara will do a second decree intermission which is exactly the same as the first intermission.  Once that intermission has concluded, Azshara will spawn in three handmaidens on each of the outside wards.  These handmaidens all have casts that should be interruptable to avoid raid damage as well as draining / empowering the wards they are standing on.  They will also cast Static Shock at a random DPS member.  Track who has Static Shock since they might be getting hit by Azshara in this phase.  Azshara will continue her phase two mechanics except she will no longer spawn in Azshara’s Devoted or Azshara’s Indomitable.  Azshara’s Reversal of Fortune ability turns into Greater Reversal of Fortune which swaps the blue ward with all three yellow wards at the same time.  Azshara should be tanked out of LoS of the raid this entire phase but close enough for cleave damage to hit her.  Loyal Myrmidons will spawn throughout this phase.  These adds will cast Charged Spear which allows you to break the handmaiden’s Crystalline Shield.  You have 3 minutes to kill all 3 handmaidens before they berserk which will wipe you.  The myrmidons will also berserk if they are left alive when the 3 minutes is up.  The goal of this phase is to deal with all 3 handmaidens, all 3 myrmidons and get Azshara’s health as close to 50% as possible before pushing into the next phase.

When all the handmaidens are dealt with, Azshara will start her fourth phase without any intermission.  In this phase she will lose Arcane Burst, and Arcane Detonation but will gain Overload, Nether Portal, and Piercing Gaze.  Lastly, Divide and Conquer will now rotate  around the room starting by going away from the console from where it spawns and stops once it reaches the initial position.  This phase is all about managing what little power is left in the yellow wards, while also managing space around the room that is taken up by Nether Portal.  Always keep the area near the console safe since you will have to deal with Overload in a timely fashion.

Suggested Talents

While your max health is reduced from Drained Soul, the individual absorb about of EWT remains the same.  Almost all the damage on this fight is burst damage so a well timed EWT can provide a decent shield as a health buffer instead of increasing max HP via AV.

Notable Azerite Traits and Essences

Generally as a shaman you’re going to be playing a “battle shaman” role on Queen Azshara so Igneous Potential is the go to trait.  If you are expected to provide throughput, Overflowing Shores stack and 1 or 2 Spouting Spirits is good for AoE healing.  Due to the nature of the fight reducting raid member’s max health, mastery has increased effectiveness on average and therefore Loyal to the End can have some extremely good value on this fight.  For essences use Crucible of Flame and Conflict and Strife (minor) or Memory of Lucid dreams if you need more mana.

Healing Tips

  • All the lethal damage in this fight is burst damage, keeping people topped before burst damage is more important than the trickle healing needed to counter Azshara’s Arcane Missles.
  • Healer damage is super valuable to meet DPS checks, don’t be afraid to use a “battle shaman” setup.
  • This fight is all about mechanics over throughput for healers, make sure you are playing well and surviving rather than trying to maximize your output.


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