Fight Mechanics

This is another 2 phase encounter that alternates between phase 1 and phase 2 at 80%, 60%, 40%, and 20%. The only major change on Mythic is the fact that Clouded Mind now always affects players, which means that the Shred Psyche add in phase 1 will only be visible by half the raid at a time. This also makes the Images of Absolution harder to deal with because only half of the raid can see the adds. To deal with this, each tank should have a marker on their head, and whichever one can see the Images of Absolution should become the ‘safe area’ for the raid to follow. Following that tank should prevent you from running into the adds if they aren’t visible to you. Dealing with the Images of Absolution and dragging the Shred Psyche add away from the group is all that really occurs in phase 1, so you should try to save healing CD’s if you can for phase 2.

In Phase 2 Skitra will cast Illusionary Projection, spawning identical copies of the boss spread randomly around the edges of the room. Tanks should coordinate with one another using world markers to find the correct add to kill. Your group should be careful during this phase as it may require lots of movement and the Images of Absolution may still be present, so you need to make sure you’re travelling as a group. If you have to travel a far distance Wind Rush Totem may be valuable. While the Illusionary Projections are alive, the raid will take increasing ticking damage because of Dark Ritual. This means that eventually the damage will become too much to heal through, so there is a time limit to getting out of this phase quickly. Once the correct add is killed, the boss will spawn again and you will deal with Phase 1.

Suggested Talents

A standard talent build is fine for Skitra. Wind Rush Totem can be very good if you are forced to move far distances during Phase 2. Earthgrab Totem may also be nice if you don’t have a lot of CC in your raid group to prevent the Images of Absolution from walking across the room.

Notable Azerite Traits and Essences

There is a lot of AoE damage going out in Phase 2, so traits like Overflowing Shores and Spouting Spirits tend to do well here. As always, Heart of Darkness provides a ton of stats so you should use it if you have access to it and meet the corruption requirements. For essences, Vision of perfection is usually fine on this fight as phase 2 generally has very little overhealing. 

Healing Tips

  • Although Shred Psyche does a lot of damage, it is often not lethal as long as your group runs it out of the group. With this in mind, you should favor to use healing CD’s in Phase 2 while your group is figuring out which add to kill. 
  • The damage from the Shred Psyche add happens exactly 10 seconds after the debuff is applied to the player, so you can drop Cloudburst Totem once the debuff is applied and passively generate a decent burst of healing once the damage comes out. 


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