As a shaman you can be assigned two different jobs on this boss, as you can both comfortably heal the downstairs platform as well as heal the upstairs groups. The downstairs healing job is extremely easy, and there are essentially no changes from heroic other than the difference in damage taken to the raid. I won’t touch too much on the downstairs healing job, as there is little to do other than drop CBT for every collapsing world (which once again happens to be on a 30-32 second cooldown). The only real note to healing downstairs is to make sure you utilize Lightning Surge Totem and Wind Shear as much as possible when your portal team is upstairs in order to minimize risk of wipes to the mismanagement of imps. Healing CDs should also be used while the portal team is upstairs, as you will be taking extra AoE damage downstairs while also being down a healer.

If you are assigned to the portals as a shaman, congrats on being the mechanic bitch for the fight – on the plus side it probably means your raid leader doesn’t think you’re completely inept.

  • Empowered Portal: Xoroth – The first portal is the fire portal, and to execute this boss properly on mythic, yourself and a few (three) DPS must jump up to the green platform a few seconds after the pull (we used 95% as the GO indicator) and bath yourselves in the poison pools on the ground, granting yourselves a dispellable magic debuff – Caustic Slime. It is usually safe to pick up four of these, as three are needed, and there’s no reason to risk a wipe in the first 20 seconds of the fight. Once the debuffs are picked up, you should pop SWG and heal yourself and your three poison bathing friends as you traverse down to the main platform, and then up to the red platform before the debuffs expire. By the time they expire Vulcanar should have spawned, and the four players must allow their debuffs to expire (or get dispelled) while standing next to him. I suggest popping SLT here to prevent any accidental deaths to the burst damage of the duffs expiring for roughly 1.2mil each to the players up top. From here you can simply assist in kicking Vulcanar’s two casts, Flames of Xoroth and Unstable Portal. There’s no reason to let any casts complete. Once you finish off Vulcanar, you and a mobile DPS should jump into one of the fire patches on the platform and debuff yourself with flames before heading down to the main platform. Once you land on the main platform, walk over towards the purple portal and let your debuff expire, dropping off the fire pool by the purple portal.
  • Empowered Portal: Rancora – The second portal spawns at 60% HP, and similarly to the first portal, a player must ferry a debuff to this boss as well. As the platform healer, you may be assigned the duty of transferring the first debuff to Lady Dacidion, and in order to do so you must head up to the shadow platform and jump in the shadowy pool in the back of the room (track your location on the minimap – it can be hard to see up there!). Once you pick up the debuff, head over to the green platform with your portal group and have them stack up on one side of the boss, before running to the opposite side and dispelling yourself within 8 yards of the boss (but not within 8 yards of another player!). This will prevent the boss from healing with her leeching effect and being unkillable. Depending on how long the mini-boss takes to kill you may need one or more additional debuffs to be transferred from the shadow platform. It is up to your raid to determine how many players will be needed and assign them to go one by one accordingly. It’s important to communicate to the next debuff ferrier in like the remaining time on Dacidion’s debuff, as it could be important to them getting there with the next one before the first falls off (you REALLY don’t want her to heal to full right before she dies). It is important to note that this portal is by FAR the most stressful portal as a healer, and this is the place you should pop all your available healing CDs to keep your group alive.
  • Empowered Portal: Nathreza – A few % before the boss hits 30% and activates this portal, you and another DPS should grab the two flames that you ferried over from platform 1 earlier in the fight and should hop them up to the platform before Eilgar spawns. This way the boss will be easily visible, and your two flames will provide comfort for you raid, just in case someone accidentally moves over one and it disappears for a few seconds. This is a rather easy platform to heal, you just need to remember to dispel delusions off yourself quickly before you cast any healing spells, otherwise you’re just wasting your time! If your mana is struggling at this point, feel free to leave it on yourself for a few ticks, which should give you plenty of juice for the rest of the fight. Once this platform is finished its just back to a glorified heroic boss.


  • T15 – Torrent/Unleash for Downstairs, Torrent/Undulation for upstairs (depending on the number of people you send up – undulation is a strong choice with 5 or less players)
  • T30 – If you’re downstairs, Gust and Graceful are both good for minimizing your healing downtime while dodging beams. For portal healing, Gust can help you travers from A to B much faster, while Graceful can be nice if you have to ferry both the Green->Red and the Purple->Green debuffs, as these points will likely be less than 2 minutes apart. Wind Rush can also help your entire portal group get from point A to point B much quicker.
  • T45 – Lightning Surge Totem dunks on imps like a real boy
  • T60 – AG is the only correct option for both jobs (as usual)
  • T75 – EST is generally the choice here – there’s not much dangerous burst damage with either job if you hit your buttons correctly. APT can be argued if you’re undergeared and struggling with the green platform’s healing (it can save someone who gets killed at low health by the mini-boss’s felsilk wrap) or if you want an “oh shit” button for a high tank stack explosion lining up with collapsing world downstairs while you’re missing a healer to the platforms.
  • T90 – CBT
  • T100 – This fight both High Tide and Ascendace are extremely strong. If you’re healing downstairs you should choose your talent based on your healing partner, if you’re paired with another strong burst healer like yourself (like Disc/Shaman), High Tide will be the better talent choice. If you’re paired with a more sustaining-style healer (like Hpriest/Druid) you’re probably better off with Ascendance. With the other healers it is likely preference, with proper planning required for both choices to be strong. For portal healing Ascendance is likely the better option, as there is really only massive healing once in the fight for you, and that is on the green platform. Ascendance will like carry you through that platform with little to no effort (not that it’s really needed – the fight is pretty easy).

For Legendaries while healing downstairs, any combination of Prydaz/Velens/Roots/Fire can be used on this encounter depending on your gear (likely the setup that gives you the best itemization will end up performing the best for you here). 

If you’re healing portals, Prydaz/Velens/Roots/Soul are all good choices, with soul pulling ahead in smaller portal groups, and falling behind in larger ones.


The portals were detailed pretty heavily before, but overall this is yet another fight that CBT timing is an extremely important part of your play. Getting strong CBTs in conjunction with collapsing world will greatly help smooth out the damage curve of the encounter. I will also reiterate the importance of using Lightning Surge and Wind Shear throughout the fight, whether it involves kicking and stunning imps downstairs or simply keeping Unstable Portal casts interrupted upstairs.


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