Fight Mechanics

Orgozoa is the fifth boss in The Eternal Palace, and is another 2 phase encounter. This fight is also similar to heroic, the major change is Arcing Current, which causes players with Incubation Fluid to spread it to other nearby players, so they will need to get away from the group. 

The first minute of this fight has almost no damage, so healers should be adding in as much damage as possible during this time. Tanks will still take a very large amount of damage if they do not have any Desensitizing Sting stacks, so if they are about to swap they need to have some sort of active mitigation. This is another fight where 3 tanking can make the fight easier, as one tank solely focuses on grabbing the adds and stacking them together while the other two tanks focus on the boss. Players should find safe areas to stand during Dribbling Ichor to avoid taking a large amount of damage. There are times when Amniotic Splatter soaks overlap with Dribbling Ichor, so it may be smart to use an immunity of some sort to soak the Amniotic Splatter. Players with Incubation Fluid will need to spread out on every Arcing Current cast to avoid chaining Incubation Fluid to the entire raid. While the Zoatroids are alive, they will cast Pervasive Shock, inflicting a good amount of AoE damage to the raid; this on top of the Incubation Fluid DoT will force healers to chain healing CD’s during the later parts of each phase. Once the boss phases at 40% all players lose their Incubation Fluid debuffs and the intermission begins; you have enough time to use no movement speed increases and walk down the ramp before the cast needs to be kicked, so you should play it safe and avoid getting knocked off the ramp by moving too quickly.

Phase 2 is similar to Phase 1 with the addition of 3 new adds and 1 new debuff. The Myrmidon will throw an Aqua Lance at a player, which will leave behind a pool of Raging Rapids for the remainder of the encounter. The targeted player should away and drop the pool at the edge of the room. Azsh’ari Witches will cast Conductive Pulse, which will need to be interrupted or else the raid will be stunned for 3 seconds. The Dreadcoil Hulk will cast Powerful Stomp, which needs to be soaked either by the majority of the raid, or by a tank with high stacks of Desensitizing Sting or a player with an immunity. The rest of the encounter is very similar to Phase 1.

Suggested Talents

This is the most healing intensive encounter so far in the tier, and because you will be using almost all of your mana in each phase High Tide is insane here. Earthen Wall Totem will help absorb some of the Incubation Fluid damage, however Ancestral Protection Totem can be good for covering bad overlaps where you may lack healing. Wind Rush Totem can be used at the beginning of the intermission, however it is not needed.

Notable Azerite Traits and Essences

Spouting Spirits and Overflowing Shores will provide a large amount of healing and it is recommended to run these traits as the entire raid will be stacked up for the large majority of the fight. It is also recommended to run Memory of Lucid Dreams and the Ever-Rising Tide essences as it is a very healing intensive encounter and you should aim to use all of your mana in Phase 1.

Healing Tips

  • The first minute of each phase has very little damage, so healers should do as much damage as possible during this time.
  • Dropping Wind Rush Totem at the beginning of the intermission can help your raid get ahead before the Hatchery Moultings begin to spawn.
  • You should aim to have almost no mana left at the end of Phase 1 and use a Potion of Replenishment once you are downstairs, ideally before the boss is kicked.


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