Fight Mechanics

During phase 1 of Opulence you will be placed on either left or right hallway.  If you are placed on the left hallway, you will have to deal with healing people who get Volatile Charge.  If you are targeted with Volatile Charge, make sure it expires on you when you are at the side of the room, preferably where you entered rather than where you need to go.  If you are on the right side, you will have to deal with Flames of Punishment.  Stay behind the boss to avoid taking damage from Flames of Punishment.  On either side, avoid being infront of the mini-boss when they cast Crush.  Once a mini-boss has taken 10% of its health in damage, it will move to the next trapped room.  The traps in the room follow this pattern: 

  1. Nothing (100-90)
  2. Flame Jets (90-80)
  3. Laser (80-70)
  4. Poison (70-60)
  5. Laser with Hex of Lethargy (60-50)
  6. Flame Jets (50-40)
  7. Gems (40-30)
  8. Empowered Room (30-0)

In the final room, the mini-bosses will pulse damage to raid members in the room with them, as well as their special abilities (Volatile Charge and Flames of Punishment) grow in size.  As a Restoration Shaman you will be grabbing either the Amethyst or Sapphire gem.  If you are grabbing Amethyst, you will want to heal everyone with Thief’s Bane before it expires to prevent them from dying.  Also when you reach phase 2 you will need to cover the entire raid with Shadow-Touched to prevent them from dying to Wail of Greed.  On Mythic difficulty, DPS members will periodically be transferred between sides, 2 at a time.  You don’t have to worry about this as a healer.  The other mythic change is the duration of Shadow-Touched and Tailwinds is much shorter on Mythic which means you’ll need to reapply these buffs much more often.
In Phase 2, you will actually be fighting Opulence.  Heal raid members targeted by Liquid Gold, move out with Liquid Gold to the stairs / hallways around the room to leave the center platform clear, and heal the raid when they take damage from Coin Shower and Wail of Greed.  The Final mythic change is the boss will periodically expand the size of Liquid Gold throughout the room with Surging Gold.  Make sure if you are dropping a Liquid Gold that you will not be caught in the Surging Gold.

Suggested Talents

 You can consider taking EWT over AV to cover slightly more Crush damage in phase 1, but it is not really something to worry about.  Wellspring can also be taken if you are assigned to Amethyst to spread Shadow-Touched.

Notable Azerite Traits

Turn of the Tide, Spouting Spirits, and Overflowing Shores are all good options for azerite traits on this boss.  Turn of the Tide will help healing people with Liquid GoldSpouting Spirits is good to apply Shadow-touched to everyone inside your SLT just before a Wail of GreedOverflowing Shores provides an extra heal event at the start of Healing Rain to apply an extra stack of Tailwinds if you have the Sapphire.

Healing Tips

  • The majority of this fight is dealing with mechanics in the hallways, play well and make sure you stay alive.
  • Mana shouldn’t be an issue in this fight since as soon as Amethysts are picked up, any shadow damage will return mana back to anyone stood within 10 yards of someone who takes shadow damage while they have Shadow Touched on them.


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