Mythic Guide

This guide is for the Heroic version of the fight and explains the basics.
For the the changes in Mythic difficulty, check out our Mythic guide by clicking the button below.


Mythrax is a two phase encounter that revolves around managing raid wide stacks of Annihilation.  While most mechanics in this fight deal smaller amounts of damage compared to other encounters, they can be very lethal when paired with high stacks of Annihilation.  When any player is struck by any of Mythrax’s abilities in Phase 1, they will drop some Existence Fragments and gain stacks of Annihilation.  You are able to reduce stacks of Annihilation by running through Existence Fragments.  

In phase 1 of the encounter you will face Mythrax alone.  During this time, Mythrax has three abilities that affect healers, all of these abilities force your raid to be spread. 
The first of which is
Obliteration Blast.  Mythrax will aim Obliteration Blast at a random raid member and shot a massive beam at them dealing damage to anyone caught in the blast and applying stacks of Annihilation as well. 
Next is
Oblivion Sphere which effectively mind controls random raid members by placing a large shadow orb on them which causes them to remain mind controlled until they are moved out of the circle.  Any damage caused to players afflicted by Oblivion Sphere will knock them away from the source of the damage. 
Imminent Ruin is a damage over time debuff that explodes at the end of the duration.  The damage of the explosion hits everyone in the raid, but is reduced the further the target with Imminent Ruin is from the other raid members.

Phase 2 happens when Mythrax hits 66% and 33% – this phase starts by Mythrax running to the center of the room and reducing all damage taken by 99%.  He then summons two N’raqi Destroyers and casts multiple Oblivion Spheres, shortly after the Spheres spawn, Mythrax will rotate between Spawning Visions of Madness and casting Obliteration Beam.  Make sure you dodge Obliteration Beam, and have your group stack on one of the N’raqi Destroyers to counter the raid damage from Annihilation and the Visions of Madness.  When Mythrax leaves this phase to go back into phase one, any adds that are still alive will still need to be dealt with.  

When Mythrax hits 20% health, he will cast Essence Shatter.  This creates a tight enrage since Annihilation stacks will continue to grow at this point. 


Due to the semi-spread nature of the fight, Wellspring is recommended over High Tide, and Flash Flood over Downpour.  If you are lacking in healing during the phase 2’s of the encounter, consider swapping to Downpour for more burst AoE healing.  Ancestral Vigor is almost 100% mandatory due to the maximum health reduction aspect of Annihilation.


  1. Line up casts of Wellspring with the explosion of Imminent Ruin.
  2. Try to stay positioned near the middle of the room to be able to heal ranged behind you, and melee infront of you.
  3. In the intermission phases, make sure you cast Healing Rain on as many people as possible in between Mythrax’s casts of Obliteration Beam.


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