This guide will assume you are familiar with the Heroic version of the fight and expand on how the fight changes in Mythic difficulty.  If you are not familiar with this encounter, check out our heroic guide by clicking the button below.

Mythic Mechanics

Like many other fights in Uldir, there are very few changes to Zul on mythic that impact healers.  The only one that really matters is the Pool of Darkness applying stacks of Corrupted Blood.  This means you will need to add a little more priority healing to people who are soaking Pool of Darkness.  As a shaman you may need to purge Decaying Flesh off an add to force it onto another add to permanently kill an add.  The jump order for Decaying Flesh is always Crawg to Bloodhexer to Crusher.

Suggested Talents

The second phase of Zul is the only healing intensive phase so look to take the standard AoE healing talents.  You could take NG over GS if you aren’t having to move much in the last phase.

Notable Azerite Traits

Look for any traits that improve AoE healing.  Overflowing Shores, Sprouting Spirits, and Swelling Stream are all excellent choices to fulfill the need of AoE healing.  Ancestral Resonance has potential on this fight if someone else can use Bloodlust / Heroism on pull so you can get a large mastery buff in the final phase where healing actually matters.  Ebb and Flow has potential since the entire raid is stacked in the final phase.

Mythic Healing Tips

  • DPS as much as possible in phase 1.
  • Time Wellspring with Dark Revelations in phase 1.
  • Keep Healing Rain down 100% in phase 2.
  • Drop EWT as soon as you enter phase 2 and use it on cooldown.
  • Don’t worry too much about mana management since this fight is so short.


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