This guide will assume you are familiar with the Heroic version of the fight and expand on how the fight changes in Mythic difficulty.  If you are not familiar with this encounter, check out our heroic guide by clicking the button below.

Mythic Mechanics

Vectis is largely unchanged in mythic when compared to heroic.  The boss largely functions the exact same in terms of his cast sequencing as well as the overall flow of the fight.  The mythic additions have to deal with Omega Vector and the stacks of Lingering Infection it leaves behind.  Firstly, there are now four Omega Vectors on mythic for your raid to bounce around.  It is easiest to deal with this by assigning five players to stack on a point for phase 1 for each Omega Vector (total of 4 stack points).  Ideally you will want to have everyone keep their stacks of Lingering Infection low due to the new interaction Lingering Infection has with Contagion.  When Vectis casts Contagion, any players with 6 or more stacks of LI will trigger Bursting Lesions.  This causes the players afflicted to pulse moderate damage to any other players within 5 yards.  If any players have 12 stacks of LI when Contagion is cast, an Engorged Parasite will spawn which casts Caustic Bile and Parasitic Discharge.  If you somehow get to 25 or more stacks, and Contagion is cast, you will trigger Terminal Eruption which will instantly kill any players at 25 or more stacks and deal large raid wide damage to all other players.  The only other change to this fight is the amount of healing needed to remove Immunosuppression which is increased substantially.

Suggested Talents

The talent selection for Vectis is pretty straight forward in terms of you are looking to maximize stacked healing.  This comes in the form of Wellspring and Downpour.  Two talent rows that can be changed are the 60 and 75 talent rows.  None of the tier 60 talents really shine on Vectis, although Earthen Wall Totem can help in healing some damage from OV and ContGraceful Spirit isn’t super amazing on this fight since you will only need to move is in phase 2.  You can consider taking NG, but you will likely never proc it outside of any pull that is going to be a wipe.

Notable Azerite Traits

Overflowing Shores is one of the better Azerite traits mostly due to the size increase of Healing Rain.  You should be able to cover all four stack points of Omega Vector with one or two Overflowing Shore traits.  Sprouting Spirits isn’t a bad option as you can use it to clear immunosuppression easier.  Ancestral Resonance is a decent option since you can generally get two uses of 5 minute cooldowns on this fight.

Mythic Healing Tips

  • Wellspring lines up very closely to every Immunosuppression cast.  Ensure you are casting Wellspring after Immunosuppression goes out and at least twice during every phase 2.  Wellspring should be used almost on cooldown every time it is up.
  • Healing Rain is mandatory on this fight.  Keep it down during phase 1 at all times.
  • Rotate cooldowns efficiently, do not overlap healing cooldowns as this fight is intense due to the amount of healing Immunosuppression absorbs.


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