This guide will assume you are familiar with the Heroic version of the fight and expand on how the fight changes in Mythic difficulty.  If you are not familiar with this encounter, check out our heroic guide by clicking the button below.

Mythic Mechanics

Mythic difficulty of MOTHER adds no new abilities, but significantly changes two existing mechanics.  The first you will encounter is the new types of Embodiments of Corruption that spawn whenever a tank or healer crosses the Defense Grid.  These new adds have a few mechanics to watch out for.  Firstly, the tank add, Resistant Bacterium, empowers all other nearby Embodiments of Corruption when it casts Bacterial Outbreak.  When healers cross the Defense Grid, a Viral Contagion will spawn.  Viral Contagions cast Endemic Virus which does significant damage over time to the recipient and is dispellable.  When dispelled or when Endemic Virus expires, it triggers and outbreak of Spreading Epidemic which causes all allies within 10 yards to be afflicted by a significant damage over time effect.  If any Viral Contagion’s get their Endemic Virus casts off, ensure that your raid members afflicted by the virus move away from other raid members before you dispel them.  Viral Contagions can be stun locked to ensure they never get a cast of Endemic Virus off.

The second mechanic that has changes is MOTHER’s Uldir Defense Beams.  Instead of alternating between horizontal and vertical beams, both sets of beams happen at the same time.  This effectively gives you only one safe spot to stand.  Prioritize dodging the vertical beams first, then the horizontal beams as the vertical beams pass through the room first, then the horizontal beams finish coming down from the ceiling.  In the third room, the pacing of the fight speeds up causing Uldir Defense Beams to happen very frequently.

Suggested Talents

High Tide is pretty much mandatory here since Wellspring will likely not pass through Defense Grid barriers due to how narrow the entry ways are.  Chain Heal on the other hand will pass through the barriers.  You can consider using Static Charge if your raid is having a hard time keeping adds stun locked.  Try to position Earthen Wall Totem on large stacks of players as other raid members are crossing the Defense Grid.  Use Downpour on clumps of players after multiple raid members have passed through the Defense Grid.

Notable Azerite Traits

Swelling Stream is a good trait on MOTHER due to the bounces of the Lesser Chain Heals bounces being able to cross through the Defense GridSprouting Spirits is a good option if you are able to have most of your raid stacked as you cross through the Defense Grid.  

Mythic Healing Tips

  • Coordinate stuns with your raid members to avoid as many Endemic Virus casts.
  • Place area of effect healing spells on players as other raid members are crossing the Defense Grid.
  • Use Unleash Life with Chain Heal to do large sustained healing.
  • You are able to use ground targeted abilities through the Defense Grid.
  • Once everyone is in the final room, you should only need one healer to heal the active tank.  Use all of your mana getting to the third room.


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