Mythic Guide

This guide is for the Heroic version of the fight and explains the basics.
For the the changes in Mythic difficulty, check out our Mythic guide by clicking the button below.


MOTHER is a one phase fight that evolves over the course of the encounter.  

The encounter area is made up of three rooms separated by a Defense Grid, and passing through them inflicts raid wide damage while spawning an Remnant of Corruption after 3 seconds.  These Remnants cast Clinging Corruption that must be interrupted, if they are not, be prepared to use a large healing cooldown.  

While in the first room MOTHER has restricted access to her abilities.  The first set of abilities MOTHER will always use in combination with each other, Wind Tunnel creates a massive wind effect that pushes players to one side of the room chosen seemingly randomly.  At the same time, Purifying Flames will activate on the side of the room that the Wind Tunnel is pushing players towards.  Standing in Purifying Flames deals large amounts of damage.  Run against the Wind Tunnel to avoid taking this damage.  MOTHER will occasionally cast Cleansing Purge while Wind Tunnel is active.

When MOTHER is moved into the second room, she gains the ability to activate Uldir Defensive Beam.  This causes lasers to move across the entire room in one of two patterns: Either the beams are vertical beams and come from the walls and have a small gap for players to avoid them, or the beams are horizontal beams that descend from the ceiling; In the latter case, safe spaces will glow on the floor in a line where there is no laser present.  In either case, avoid taking damage from the lasers as you will likely die if you do not avoid them.

Upon entering the third room, MOTHER will be afflicted by Depleted Energy causing her to take 100% more damage.  This phase is all about burning the boss and will have no more raid damage present from the Defense Grid – DPS as much as possible while making sure your tanks stay alive.


The only considerations for talent swaps are in tier 15 and 90.  Since the final phase is consistently tank healing, Undulation could be useful for that portion of the fight, Unleash Life is very strong with High Tide and that’s why it is our default talent choice.  In the 90 tier for talents, Flash Flood is a possibility if you find you are weaving a lot of single target heals in between your Chain Heals.


  1. While unable to directly target people on the other side of Defense GridChain Heal is able to bounce through the Defense Grid to heal players on the other side.  
  2. Be prepared to use raid cooldowns when you have multiple people passing through the Defense Grid at the same time.
  3. Use Wind Shear and Capacitor Totem on Remnants of Corruption to interrupt their casts of Clinging Corruption.


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