What is cloudburst totem?

Cloudburst Totem was first introduced in Warlords of Draenor and its current iteration is one of the strongest talents we could possibly have in our toolkit and it’s pretty much a set in stone talent, especially when the other options in that talent row are Echo of the Elements and Bottomless Depths. The totem absorbs 25% of the healing YOU do during its 15 seconds window and distributes it equally to all injured players on a 40 yard range of your character and not the totem.

What feeds into cloudburst?

This is a question i see very often on our discord and decided to use this space to clear some things out. Your totems, such as Healing Tide Totem and Healing Stream Totem, will not feed into Cloudburst. The only exception is Tidal Totem, from a weapon trait called Tidal Pools, that does feed into it but it’s basically insignificant .
With that out of the way, basically everything else will feed into Cloudburst. All of our spells, talents, trinkets and legendaries feed into Cloudburst. It’s also important to note that overheal feeds into Cloudburst so it is not just effective healing.

How do I use Cloudburst Totem?

You want to be using Cloudburst Totem on cooldown, in order to get maximum usage out of it. Doing so will ensure Cloudburst is one of your top healing abilities. There are some instances where you would delay Cloudburst, for example if your Cloudburst will just overheal if you start ramping up now. In this scenario, delay your ramp up and DPS the boss instead.

It is important to use it as often as possible because every second wasted can add up to a considerable amount of “free healing” at the end of every fight.

What should I cast during my cloudburst totem?

Generally speaking, unless you’re planning for a huge hit, you shouldn’t worry much about changing what you normally would just because Cloudburst is down. You want to Healing Rain everytime its down just for passive healing, try to fit in Gift of the Queen inside it and then do what your raid needs at that moment.
Obviously you need to keep track of Cloudburst, and know what spells you can fit during the remaining duration. If you have 1.5 seconds left on it, and Chain Heal is a 2 second cast, instead of casting a Chain Heal you would want to cast a Healing Surge or Healing Wave if you want to be more mana efficient due to Tidal Waves, followed by a Riptide for instance. This ensures that you maximize healing during your Cloudburst.

How do i maximize Cloudburst Totem?

When you’re ramping for a big hit, you would want to drop Cloudburst Totem, cast Healing Rain, cast Gift of the Queen and spam Chain Heal if using High Tide.
If you are not running High Tide and are using Ascendance instead, you would want to drop Cloudburst Totem, cast Gift of the Queen, cast Healing Rain, and weave between Chain Heal and Healing Surge as long as Healing Rain is down. That is because, due to our t21 4 piece called Downpour, whenever a Healing Surge crits, it will be more healing than a non High Tide Chain Heal (if there are people inside Healing Rain).

As you can see, when using it on a cast to cast basis, there is no secret when it comes to Cloudburst. The only exception on cast order comes when you are using major cooldowns such as Ascendance and Ancestral Guidance paired with Cloudburst. These spell % modifiers change the rotation slightly in order to maximize it.

Using Ancestral Guidance and Velen’s Future Sight (with High Tide):

You would drop Cloudburst Totem, and drop a couple of Chain Heals until Cloudburst has a little over 10 seconds left, you want to line up your Gift of the Queen cast to hit as soon as Cloudburst has about 10 seconds left and spam your Ancestral Guidance + Velen’s Future Sight (if equipped) macro during the Gift of the Queen cast so it gets buffed by those two spell modifiers (If you have an innervate, it’s during this cast that you want to call for it), cast Healing Rain and then spam Chain Heal until Cloudburst pops.

If you are running Unleash life, you would want to pre-cast it into Cloudburst Totem and use it on a Chain Heal, but never cast it during (maximized) Cloudburst Totem as that will cost you a global that you could use on a better spell.


Using Ancestral Guidance and Velen’s Future Sight (with Ascendance):

If you are using Ascendance, you naturally lose High Tide, and therefore the priority in spells change a little when compared to the Ancestral Guidance setup

You would drop Cloudburst Totem and during your first Chain Heal you would want to spam Ascendance so it is rolling for the whole duration of your Cloudburst, and just like before, you want your Gift of the Queen to land when Cloudburst has 10 seconds left in his duration and do the Ancestral Guidance + Velen’s Future Sight (if equipped) combo during the cast, followed by a Healing Rain and at this point you should have 2 Tidal Waves, so you want to cast Healing Surge two times and do a rotation between Chain Heal and Healing Surge as long as Healing Rain is rolling (Again, this is due to our Downpour).

The reason you want to use Ancestral Guidance and Velen’s Future Sight when there is 10 seconds left during Cloudburst Totem is because Ancestral Guidance buffs the Cloudburst explosion and redirects it to 3 players, and although Velen’s Future Sight doesn’t increase the Cloudburst explosion, it still takes the Cloudburst’s (and the redirected Ancestral Guidance hits) overheal and redistributes it. Due to spell queueing still working with this combo and Ascendance, you want to be buffering a cast, or using the cooldown during a heal to ensure you maximize throughput.


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