Fight Mechanics

Maut is a 2 phase fight that with unique abilities in each phase. Occasionally Maut will cast Devour Magic which will drop a silencing pool on the ground whenever the debuff falls off the player. These will be important later on when the boss casts Stygian Annihilation as it prevents the damage from the ability. On Mythic, the Devour Magic pools serve an additional purpose, as they can dispel the Ancient Curse that happens twice in each Phase 1. Periodically, Maut will also cast Black Wings which will knock back any player within 40 yards of the cone. Ranged can dodge this ability completely if they stand away from the boss opposite of the melee group, as the boss will always target the melee with it. After the 2nd Ancient Curse or about the time the boss casts the 3rd Black Wings, the add tank should drag a few of the adds into the boss to transition the boss into Phase 2. 

When Phase 2 begins, Maut will run to the center of the platform and cast Obsidian Skin, along with a long channeled ability called Obsidian Shatter. Obsidian Skin will reflect 100% of the damage you deal back into you, which can be very deadly for some classes. Your raid also needs to do enough damage to drain Maut’s mana such that he has 0 mana left before the Obsidian Shatter cast finishes, thus it’s a balancing act of dealing enough damage to beat the Obsidian Shatter cast, but not enough to outright kill yourself with Obsidian Skin. Additionally, Maut will occasionally put Drain Essence on 2 friendlies, who will need dispelled as soon as possible. While this phase does require an immense amount of healing, tanks will be soaking Forbidden Mana orbs periodically, allowing healers to gain a lot of their mana back and increase their healing done. Once Maut reaches 0 mana, he will transition back into Phase 1

Suggested Talents

A standard talent setup is fine for Maut. Both Echo of the Elements and Deluge are about equal in terms of hps, and both do really well in Phase 2 of the fight, however Echo still allows for more flexibility with spell usage as well as a damage increase via the 2nd charge of Lava Burst, so Echo of the Elements is what I recommend using. 

Notable Azerite Traits and Essences

Maut is an encounter with heavy stacked healing during Phase 2, which also happens to be a great place to use Spirit Link Totem. This makes Spouting Spirits a great choice for the fight, as well as the healing from Overflowing Shores. As always, Heart of Darkness provides a ton of stats and should be used if you have access to it and meet the corruption requirements. For essences, both Vision of Perfection and Worldvein Resonance are great for the major slot as both can provide excellent healing during both Phase 1 and Phase 2. I would not recommend using Lucid Dreams, as you get plenty of mana back from the Forbidden Mana orbs in Phase 2.

Healing Tips

  • Stay away from the boss and on the opposite side of the melee group so you are not targetted by Black Wings.
  • You can use your Curse Dispel on players (especially tanks) who have Ancient Curse so they don’t have to get silenced by dipping into the pools. 
  • The 1st Obsidian Skin phase begins roughly at 1:30, and the 2nd one ends at approximately 4:30, which means you can start the first Phase 2 with Spirit Link Totem and end the 2nd Phase 2 with Spirit Link Totem.
  • You should aim to use as many healing CD’s as possible during Phase 2 while you have the buff from the Forbidden Mana orbs.
  • Save both charges of Cloudburst Totem for Phase 2 to have back-to-back Cloudbursts during a heavy healing phase.
  • Dispel Drain Essence as often as possible to prevent Maut from gaining more mana.


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