Tier 1 - usable on any fight

Velen's Future Sight

Velen’s is strong thanks to both its high stat budget and powerful active. The 15% healing increase and overheal distribution is very useful, as our cooldowns naturally overheal by a decent amount. It also allows us to fill in gaps in our burst healing, where damage is high but our cooldowns are not available for use.

Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus

Prydaz is well budgeted, with a socket. It is most potent in a progression environment or any fight that constantly puts you at risk of dying. The shield acts as a failsafe, giving you a small amount of breathing room if you take a large burst of damage.

Soul of the Farseer

Soul of the Farseer has decent stat allocation for the slot, but the lack of intellect hurts. Farseer shines especially in a progression environment. It allows for the spot healing of Echo of the Elements without losing the throughput of Cloudburst Totem. It also allows a slight grace period on both Riptide and Healing Stream Totem, two of our most efficient spells. This grace period can allow us to pool charges for specific mechanics or help reduce the loss by missing a cooldown for a few seconds.

Roots of Shaladrassil

Leg pieces are among the highest budgeted pieces. As a result, the legendary Roots of Shaladrassil are definitely over budget. The stats have huge value for us, and the effect can total anywhere from 4%-8% of our healing. This healing feeds into Ancestral Guidance, Ascendance, and Cloudburst Totem. They are best used to counteract damage over time, as they are effectively a constant riptide as long as you are able to stand still.

Tier 2 - usable on some fights / in some situations

Fire in the Deep

The chest is lackluster, even when considering its large budget of stats. With Blizzard’s new “Deck” system, we are guaranteed 3 procs per 20 casts of healing rain. This legendary shines when you can circumvent bad luck by always being able to make use of the proc. Chances are, this legendary will always be seen as one of the highest throughput legendaries for an encounter due to its incredibly high output capabilities. Unfortunately, it falls flat far too often for it to be considered a top tier legendary in a progression environment.

Praetorian's Tidecallers

The stat allocation is decent on gloves, but not amazing. Tidecallers shine on any fight where your cooldowns are vital to the raid’s survival.

Elemental Rebalancers

The Elemental Rebalancers fall into a similar rut as the talent Deluge as we are just not able to guarantee that the targets that require healing will be standing in our Healing Rain and chain heal can be incredibly unpredictable when jumping. Another knock against them is that, while the healing bonus applies to all our our healing spells and totems, it does not apply to the Healing Rain itself. The Rebalancers gain effectiveness when the entire raid is stacked for the duration of an encounter, but almost never enough to warrant equipping them.

Focuser of Jonat, the Elder

Jonat’s fell out of favor after a series of nerfs to it back in early Legion. The boosted chain heal also has a tendency to overheal, which is detrimental to its value. Jonat does gain some value when periods of downtime are followed by large bursts, allowing us to effectively weave and make use of the stacks.

Tier 3 - rarely useful

Sephuz's Secret

Sephuz on most fights is almost certainly a waste of a legendary slot, as it acts as a stat stick in a low budgeted slot. However, it does gain a large amount of value on fights that allow consistent proccing of its effect.

Uncertain Reminder

Uncertain Reminder is both well budgeted and itemized. Unfortunately, it loses a lot of value due to the niche use of its effect. If you are able to effectively use the extended duration of both Bloodlust/Heroism and Sense of Urgency, then it can become a contender. As a result of its shortcomings, it mostly seen on farm content for speed kills and ranking.

Nobundo's Redemption

Nobundo’s suffers from an issue similar to Jonat’s, but to a much greater extent. They provide no throughput bonus outside of the bonus crit chance of using a Tidal Waves empowered Healing Surge over an equally quick Healing Wave.

Intact Nazjatar Molting

The belt is incredibly effective in its niche, it just happens that this niche has yet to occur in Legion. It requires the raid to constantly be at low HP in order to give a constant refresh on the cooldown of Riptide. As a result, this legendary was basically dead on arrival.

Insignia of the Grand Army

The Insignia is overall quite bad and even with the best NLC traits it doesn’t come close to any other Legendary.

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