Fight Mechanics

Jaina is a three phase encounter with two intermissions.  In Phase 1, you will be fighting Jaina on a boat where as a healer you are tasked with dispelling anyone who is afflicted by Grasp of Frost and Ring of Ice if people do not preposition themselves in the fire around the room.  Try to avoid getting hit by Freezing Blast, take Avalanche out of the raid, and avoid getting hit by Bombard.  

When Jaina reaches 60% health remaining, she will transition into the first intermission where she causes the ship to crash into an iceberg and the fight continues by following her onto the iceberg.  Jaina casts Howling Winds which restricts vision of her and will stop when interrupted.  On Mythic difficulty, Jaina also summons 5 clones of herself that cast Howling Winds which need to be interrupted and killed before you can interrupt Jaina.  Dodge the Blistering Tornadoes and Glacial Shards.  Use Wind Rush Totem as you jump off the boat to increase the speed at which your raid runs and completes this phase to reduce the overall number of stacks of Chilling Touch applied.

Once Jaina is interrupted, Phase 2 begins.  The main mechanic of this phase is Chilling TouchChilling Touch stacks up over time dealing increased damage and applying an increasing slow.  To remove stacks of Chilling Touch you will need to break open an Unexploded Ordnance.  Around the room will be 3 Unexploded Ordnances that are encased in Refractive Ice reducing damage they take by 99%.  You will want to break these open by dropping Broadside on them.  Heal targets with Broadside as they will be taking a significant amount of added damage.  When the Unexploded Ordnances are broken they will create an area that provides Warmth.  After a few seconds these Ordnances will explode dealing massive damage to anyone still inside the area of Warmth.  During this phase, Jaina will also mark a DPS or healer with Siegebreaker Blast which deals damage to the raid as well as causing a knockback away from the afflicted player.  This blast must be moved far away from the raid as it deals falloff damage the further the target is when it expires.  If you get far enough away the Siegebreaker Blast will not cause a knockback either.  Tanks will also be targeted by Avalanche which causes Hand of Frost to travel towards the raid, any player hit by a Hand of Frost will become rooted and need dispelling.  Jaina will also cast Glacial Ray which targets a random raid member with a massive blast that goes from Jaina to the edge of the room, she then turns while casting Glacial Ray very slowly to cover about a 15 degree arc.  Do not stand in Glacial Ray or the ice patch created by it as you will gain Chilling Touch stacks extremely quickly.  Lastly, Jaina will cast Icefall which causes a large line of ice to fall across the room.  Any players stood in the path of the Icefall will take massive damage and be instantly Frozen Solid in Mythic.

When Jaina reaches 30% health remaining, she will teleport to the middle of the room and start casting Flash Freeze which causes an expanding circle of ice to form around her.  Any players caught in her ring of ice will be Frozen Solid.  To escape this, you must kill the Wall of Ice located where you entered the room.  After killing the wall, you are tasked with dealing with Jaina’s Tide Elemental and killing an Ice-blocked Nathanos.  Breaking Nathanos will cause Jaina to stop casting Flash Freeze.  Jaina’s Tide Elemental has three casts, the first of which is Heart of Frost which is uninterruptible. This places a Heart of Frost on a single raid member which pulses damage to players within 4 yards and gives a stack of Chilling Touch to any players hit.  If you are targeted by Heart of Frost, move out of the raid.  Jaina’s Tide Elemental will also cast Waterbolt Volley which needs to be kicked.  Once Jaina’s Tide Elemental hits 100 energy and if it successfully casts Waterbolt Volley, it will follow up by casting Frost Nova.  The Tide Elemental should never successfully cast Waterbolt Volley or it is likely a wipe.  Once Nathanos is broken out and Jaina is done casting Flash Freeze, she will teleport to the far side of the room and start casting Arcane Barrage.  Avoid getting hit by Arcane Barrage as you make your way over to her to interrupt her.

Phase 3 is identical to Phase 2 except Jaina will now cast a few abilities in addition to what she used previously.  The first of which is Prismatic Image which will spawn an image that replicates her casts as long as it lives.  Jaina gains the ability to cast Crystaline Dust which is a frontal cleave, simply stay behind her at all times.  The last new spell Jaina gains is Orb of Frost which deals massive raid damage when it is fully soaked or reaches its maximum distance.  The more you soak the Orb of Frost, the less damage and stacks of Chilling Touch it will apply when it detonates.  Lastly, Jaina will fire a Shattering Lance at anyone who is Frozen Solid dealing massive amounts of damage (lethal damage on Mythic).  Everyone can be hit by Shattering Lance whether they are frozen or not, so avoid these at all costs.

On Mythic difficulty there are a few fight altering changes, the first of which is Gathering Blizzard.  As the power of the blizzard increases, you will need to stand near more raid members to prevent being Frozen Solid.  In addition, when the blizzard reaches maximum power, the raid will rapidly gain stacks of Chilling Touch.  The second change is the previously mention Icebound Images in the first intermission.  The final change is Jaina’s Tide Elemental gaining Splitting Frost which causes two smaller Tide Elementals to spawn upon the first Tide Elementals death.  These smaller Tide Elementals do not split further.  It is recommended that you ignore dealing damage to the Tide Elemental on Mythic.

Suggested Talents

Talents on this fight can vary depending on what type of healing you lack.  EWT can be used if you have trouble progressing through Phase 2, but APT is strongly recommended for Phase 3 as you will likely want to sacrifice tanks often to prevent them from being Frozen Solid.  

Notable Azerite Traits

Due to the stacked up nature of the fight and the ever-present damage due to Chilling Touch, Overflowing Shores and Spouting Spirits are massive gains to overall healing throughput.  in Mythic, prioritize 3 Spouting Spirits traits over everything else even if it means dropping upwards of 15 ilvls on an azerite piece as the trait carries in the final phase when you are burning the boss and Chilling Touch stacks creep up towards 20.

Healing Tips / Other Notes

  • Phase 1 is incredibly low on damage, so look to have 95%+ mana coming out of it.
  • While your raid is breaking out Nathanos, use a channeled mana potion.
  • Phase 2 and Phase 3 are all about stacked up healing.  Use HR as often as possible and CH when Chilling Touch stacks get to 8+.
  • Use Purify Spirit.  There are many roots in the fight to dispel.  Sometimes if you don’t dispel fast enough, you can cause someone to die because they are stuck in a mechanic.
  • There are no “magic stats” for this encounter.  Literally every stat is good and useful as you will be using your entire toolkit to counteract the massive amounts of damage decimating your raid.


WARNING: The following is only for people’s guilds insist on having a Restoration Shaman DPS for extra raid cooldowns.  We do NOT recommend this strategy, but since we know this strategy is actively being used, here is a guide to the non-traditional build. 

  • Stack 3 Igneous Potential traits, while trying to also get as many Spouting Spirits traits as possible.  
  • Stack versatility and haste gear to maximize DPS while still providing decent healing throughput.  
  • Simply keep Flame Shock up on the boss, and cast Lava Burst while using Lightning Bolt as a filler.
  • Remember, you are spec’d into Restoration, use your healer utility to help dispelling as well as healing if needed.


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