Fight Mechanics

Lady Ashvane is the fourth boss in The Eternal Palace, and is the first real “wall” of the instance. It is a 2 phase encounter that rotates between the phases (1-2-1-2, etc). There is a tight dps check on this fight so most guilds opt to use only 3 healers to ensure they will have enough damage to kill the boss before the boss casts his third Hardened Carapace. This boss will require excellent CD timings for both healers and DPS, as you want to maximize the amount of damage you’re dealing during the burn phases. The most common strategy for this encounter is to use a third tank as a ‘sacrificial lamb’ to soak a large majority of the Rippling Wave bubbles. Doing this will lower the raid damage taken by a very large amount, making it much easier to 3 heal. 

Throughout the fight 3 players will get affected by Briny Bubble, and should stack on top of each other outside of the group so they can get cleaved down quickly; these players will require extra healing while they’re inside the bubble (it is worth noting you are able to immune the bubbles to dodge the mechanic). These sometimes overlap with Upsurge, which can very easily kill players who have taken other sources of damage. Coral Growths will also spawn throughout the encounter, and tanks should try to position the boss in such a way that it won’t be right on top of the Coral Growths, otherwise it will be very hard to soak the Rippling Waves that spawn from it. The third tank should aim to soak every Rippling Wave possible while the boss has an active Hardened Carapace, otherwise it will replenish the Hardened Carapace, probably resulting in a wipe. If the boss does not have an active Hardened Carapace, the Rippling Waves should instead hit the boss to minimize the stacks of Waterlogged. The last major hurdle of this boss is breaking the Coral Growths during the second phase of the encounter. There are two Arcing Azerite casts per phase 2, so you should aim to break half of the Coral Growths each cast; breaking more than half is possible, however it will require more movement from the raid to make sure Regenerative Coral pools are soaked, which will ultimately lower the raid’s dps during the ‘burn’ phase. 

Suggested Talents

The healing of this fight comes in frequent waves of damage, and High Tide is perfect for it. Ancestral Protection Totem is perfect as it allows you to res your tank without wasting one of your groups bres’s. Wind Rush Totem can also be really useful to help your raid spread out after an Upsurge into Arcing Azerite combo.

Notable Azerite Traits and Essences

Spouting Spirits and Overflowing Shores will provide a large amount of healing, and will help top the raid when Rippling Waves are soaked. If you are the 4th healer playing “IP Shaman” on this fight, you should take as many damage essences/azerite that you can as your group shouldn’t need any additional healing from you outside of your CD’s. This is a mana intensive fight when 3 healing, so I recommend taking Memory of Lucid Dreams and the Ever-Rising Tide.

Healing Tips

  • Pre-plan your healing CD’s with your other healers. Overlapping CD’s makes this fight much more difficult, as Rippling Waves occur so frequently.
  • Wind Rush Totem can help your group spread out during Arcing Azerite.
  • Make sure you are healing players with Briny Bubble, especially when players are soaking Rippling Waves.
  • Use Ancestral Protection Totem on your third tank before they die so they can res later on and soak more Rippling Waves. The res lasts for a very long time, so they can keep it for as long as they need.
  • Try to be further away from the boss during Arcing Azerite and help your team soak the Regenerative Coral pools during Phase 2, as there is much less damage during this phase.


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