Kin’garoth as a whole can be pretty intense for healers, and at the time of posting this is generally approached in one of two ways. Guilds will ether 4 heal the boss, splitting the raid into three groups of 9/9/2 warlocks, or they will 5 heal, splitting the raid similarly, but not forcing the 2 warlocks requirement, as there will be an extra healer for the small group on the last robot. There are also generally 2 robot kill orders used, with the final robot kill order going Red->Red->Purple->Red or Red->Purple->Red->Red. Regardless of your guild’s strategy, your approach to the fight as a shaman should remain about the same. In Kin’garoth’s primary active phase, there are only three major abilities that affect non-tanks (please don’t stand on your tanks):
  • Reverberating Strike – This ability simply targets a random player in melee range and bonks them for a small amount of damage. This hit leaves behind a Fire Mine (let’s be real it’s a lantern) on the ground, and when Reverberating Strike is cast at any future point in the fight, the mines will pulse for ~3million damage to any nearby players (so don’t stand on them).
    • After going through the first robot construction phase and killing the red robot (the Searing Decimator), Reverberating Strike will become empowered, also causing multiple players in the raid to be surrounded by a red ring that explodes after a few seconds around them – Reverberating Decimation. Players targeted by this simply need to run away from other players and watch their health for the incoming burst of damage.
  • Ruiner – It’s a giant ass laser beam. Dodge the giant ass laser beam please.
  • Diabolic Bomb – These are the source of most the the active phase raid damage. Every 20 seconds or so Kin’garoth will summon three of these orbs that roll clockwise around the room and constantly increase in speed until they hit a player. Once a player hits an orb, it will explode dealing ~3.5million drop off damage to the whole raid. Because of this, it is very important that your tanks and raid stand on opposite sides of the room, in order to minimize damage taken from the bombs.
    • After Construction phase 2 or 3, or whenever your raid decides to kill the purple robot last, these bombs will become empowered with Demolished, applying a debuff to the raid that increases damage taken from other diabolic bombs by 100% after they are popped. Because of this, your raid will need to begin dodging all of the bombs, and tanks will only be able to pop one every 6 seconds at the most (causing the bombs to slowly build up over the active phase).
  • Apocalypse Protocol – every 2 minutes, Kin’garoth will shield himself, reducing his damage taken by 99%, and will begin constructing three Iron Reaver style robots around the room. Ideally your raid will kill two of these robots by the end of the construction phase, leaving only your intended empower target alive at the end. Shaman is rather strong for these phases as they involve constant AoE damage (Flames of the Forge and Apocalypse Blast) to your group of players who are essentially forced to stack due to the layout of the room. If possible, try to put yourself with the group with the most melee, in order to facilitate the healing done by healing rain and chain heal.


  • T15 – All three talents have their own strengths here – with UL dealing with the burst AoE of the Diabolic Bombs the best, Torrent being the best for sustained healing in the active phase, and Undulation being great for spot healing while spread during the Apocalypse protocol phase. Your best bet is to identify early where you will need the most healing and choose accordingly.
  • T30 – All three options are use able, if your raid lacks two warlocks, Wind Rush can be used every construction phase to get your group over to the surviving robot ASAP. If that isn’t needed then Gust or Graceful comes down to personal preference.
  • T45 – Irrelevant
  • T60 – AG is the only correct option (as usual)
  • T75 – EST is strong HPS during construction phase if you have 3+ people in melee range the whole time. APT is great if your raid will have to deal with a Demolish (purple split damage circles) from the one Abyssal Demolisher that you are killing last to empower the Diabolic Bombs.
  • T90 – Would you believe me if I said you should take CBT like always
  • T100 – High Tide will be stronger assuming you don’t have issues with ranging large groups of players. If you do find yourself unable to get maximum Chain Heal value and your raid is using a strategy/positioning that cannot be changed, Ascendance is not too far behind.
For Legendaries any combination of Prydaz/Velens/Roots/Soul can be used on this encounter depending on your gear (likely the setup that gives you the best itemization will end up performing the best for you here). If all else is equal, Prydaz will help smooth incoming burst damage if you get targeted by Reverberating Strike at the same time a Diabolic Bomb is being popped. If you can consistently get good Chain Heal value, Soul drastically loses value.


As I noted on the mechanics tab, try to adjust assignments during Apocalypse Protocol so your group has as many melee DPS as possible. The AoE damage during these phases get extremely high as the boss gains increased damage done during the encounter, and allowing your tier and Healing Rain to get maximum value make healing the phase significantly easier.
Apocalypse Protocol phases are almost exactly 2 minutes apart, so if you are struggling with healing during these phases, note that you can simply avoid using AG and SWG during the first active phase and then proceed to save those CDs for every construction phase of the encounter. SWG in particular will help prevent you from falling behind in healing if you are constantly targeted by the AoE missiles in the phase and have to keep moving.
Range is often noted as a problem in this encounter, but it’s important to know that if you are standing as close to the boss as possible in melee range, you will be able to reach any other player in minimum melee range, even if they are on the complete opposite side of the platform. Don’t be scared to communicate range issues during your pulls, and reiterate to your raid that if they’re scared for their health they should simply stand at minimum melee range. This also GREATLY helps in dodging the Diabolic Bombs – as only one of the 9 possible spawns will hit a player that is standing at minimum melee range.


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