Fight Mechanics

Jadefire masters is relatively easy when it comes to the healing requirement it has.  The only consistent raid damage is from the tank’s Rising Flames stacks expire.  Other than that, there are spikes of raidwide damage during each of the boss’s special abilities.  The first, Fire of the Mist causes three living bombs to spawn around the room shrouded in mist that explode every few seconds.  You will likely want to use multiple raid cooldowns during this as your raid will be constantly moving from bomb to bomb with line of sight issues caused by the mist around each of the bombs.  The second special ability is A Flash of Hostility which will spawn a maze made up of Ring of Peace.  During this, there will be constant raid damage until the Barrier seperating the bosses from the raid is killed.  You will want at least one healing cooldown while the raid is moving to the barrier.  The final special ability is The Serpent and the Phoenix which the causes the bosses to turn into a dragon and a phoenix.  There is constant AoE damage as long as the phoenix lives.  Try to not step in Magma Traps as a shaman since we have no way to stop ourselves from dying to falling damage.  Make sure you dispel Searing Embers before it expires as it will cause a large amount of raid damage.  On mythic difficulty, when the monk boss casts Multi-Sided Strike, you will likely go up in the air and have to look at 5 monk spirits in the following order: Blue, Green, Red, Green, Blue.

Suggested Talents

You could consider taking Ascendance over HT since this fight has no real sustained damage until the bosses reach 100 energy which is at the very end of the fight.

Notable Azerite Traits

Igneous Potential and Spouting Spirits are the two “best” azerite traits on this boss.  Spouting Spirits allows you to have an additional raid cooldown for any of the special abilities if needed.  Igneous Potential is good because this boss has almost no healing requirement so it is good to utilize DPS traits as you will likely be doing quite a bit of damage over the course of the fight.

Healing Tips

  • A large portion of this fight has healing downtime, don’t be afraid to DPS if you aren’t healing a priority target, or dispelling at the moment.
  • Coordinate cooldowns with your co-healers since this fight only has burst healing.  Overlapping cooldowns could lead to a wipe later in the fight.


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