Instead of touching on the mechanics individually on this fight, I’ll overview how to approach the fight in a section by section overview.

The most important aspect of this encounter is your approach to the obstacle course gauntlet of traps/bombs/mines. There are two different style gauntlets during the fight, the first is the path that involves Imonar dropping the green runes and green knockback mines – Pulse Grenades and Stasis Traps, and the second involving the red tripwires and red frag mines – Blastwire and Shrapnel Blast. These gauntlets alternate, and will happen roughly 1:30 apart for progressing guilds.

The phases of the boss where you can actually hit Imonar are significantly easier in comparison, and generally involve dispelling sleep canister when there are no nearby players, and aiming the targeted lasers from the nearby ships away from the raid – Charged Blasts.

  • Transitions 1 and 3 – I call these the “green transitions” as they simply involve dealing with the green stun runes and the green knockback mines. The keys to these two transitions is getting your dispels off the second the tank gets stunned, so they can continue clearing a path for your raid. You will need to continuously dispel as you move across the bridge, and make sure to keep an eye out for the players behind the raid that are targeted with the Empowered Pulse Grenades and will need extra healing. These transitions don’t have too much to heal, and keeping up with dispels will be every healer’s #1 priority
  • Transitions 2 and 4 – These are the reason Shaman is one of the strongest classes for this boss. As these “red transitions” start, the boss will spawn an array of tripwires across the bridge. Your best approach to dealing with these are to preemptively pop all of your cooldowns and SLT by the edge of the bridge while the raid stacks and watches one of your tanks plow through all of the blastwires (likely using a warlock portal). From there you will race to catch up to the tank (who has essentially cleared out the entire bridge in seconds) and either spam heal him to keep him alive, or simply drop APT on his head so he can die and pop back up. Obviously if you are the only Shaman in the raid this method only works once, but it saves a lot of mana nonetheless.


  • T15 – Torrent is by far the best option here, there is such an absurd amount of movement in this fight that empowering an instant cast/HoT gains alot of value
  • T30 – GSGust and Wind Rush may seem like a good option, but having SWG up for every transition is incredibly valuable, and will likely outvalue everything else. If you are overhealing, Wind Rush may be an option, you will simply have to choose whether you will SWG transitions 1 and 3 or 2 and 4.
  • T45 – Irrelevant
  • T60 – AG is the only correct option (as usual)
  • T75 – In almost every situation APT will find value at some point during this boss, if you somehow can’t find a way to use it, your raid is simply clearing transitions 2 and 4 too slowly
  • T90 – CBT is a great source of healing on the move – you can build it up before the run for an early pop, or build it up as you go and pop near the end. Don’t forget, CBT’s healing range is based on your character, not where the totem was placed!
  • T100 – Unless you are overhealing, Ascendance will likely be the better option here due to the large burst healing requirement of early transitions 2 and 4. If your raid is overgeared or overhealing, Ascendance may be unnecessary for survival in those phases, and High Tide will then likely be better for the raid as a whole.

For Legendaries Prydaz/Velens is usually the best combo for this one, unless you aren’t taking care of the burst healing at the start of transition 2/4. If that is the case Roots/Soul are also good options to consider if they improve your gear standing, but due to the nature of the fight Prydaz/Velens will usually give the most meaningful boost to performance.


When approaching the start of transitions 2 and 4, make sure you begin placing your healing down at the edge of the bridge a few percent before the boss phases. As the first tripwires are being placed, you will want your CBTHTT, and Healing Rain already placed, before popping SLT and AG/Asc/Velens. A Shaman can essentially solo carry that phase, relieving a lot of the burst healing stress from your other healers.
When running through transitions 1 and 3, make sure you’re always aware of who has Empowered Pulse Grenade and where they are located behind the raid. If you’re not targeted, make sure when you get to the end of the bridge before them, you’re ready to throw a few extra heals on them as they run in. If you do get targeted, it becomes your primary job to keep up the other players in your raid that are targeted as the four of you run behind the pack, likely out of range of several other healers.
Make sure you also preemptively coordinate where your tank wants your APT dropped if you are utilizing it to have them soak a large number of Shrapnel mines during transitions 2 and 4.


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