Fight Mechanics

Please note: This boss has two very different strategies that will change the way you heal this fight. For simplicity I will cover the no dispel strategy as it is what most guilds have opted to use for their first kill. I will post a few notes under the Healing Tips section regarding the dispel strategy.

Mythic Il’gynoth is very similar to its heroic version; the fight does not have very many mechanics, but each of the mechanics are important for every player. The most common strategy is to never dispel Cursed Blood so eventually every single player will have Cursed Blood on them. This means that every player will need to be spread out at least 11 yards, which makes it very hard, if not impossible, to use spells like Chain Heal and Healing Rain effectively. This does, however, eliminate the majority of the mind controls from Touch of the Corruptor, which means you only have to deal with the mechanic once. Periodically 3 players will be targetted by Corruptor’s Gaze, making them kite around the beam that spawns beneath them, leaving behind a pool of Morass which will silence and deal a good amount of damage if you step in the pools. Each player should try to stay near previous Morass puddles to maximize the amount of space in the room while staying at least 11 yards apart to prevent Cursed Blood from cleaving.

When Il’gynoth dies, it will spawn 3 Organs of Corruption which will cast Pumping Blood roughly every 12 seconds – as a shaman you can solo kick one of these Organs by yourself, and you should do so for at least the first group that spawns so that the majority of your dps can be on one of the Organs. If Pumping Blood finishes the cast it will spawn  a Blood of Ny’alotha which will fixate a player and give them stacks of Recurring Nightmare if it attacks them. Once an Organ is killed it will continuously spawn Bloods from it, which acts as the soft enrage of the fight. The goal is to kill Il’gynoth 4 times while not becoming overrun by adds or running out of room before the boss enrages at 10 minutes. 

Suggested Talents

The talent setup is atypical, but because we’re unable to make use of Chain Heal and Wellspring we’re kind of forced to play Ascendance. Ancestral Vigor can give people some much needed health if someone dies with Cursed Blood, and Undulation will likely be better than Unleash Life due to the heavy amount of Healing Surge and Healing Wave casts.

Notable Azerite Traits and Essences

We don’t have great azerite traits for a fight like this – the healing requirement is not high enough to warrant stacking traits like Turn of the Tide, although I would definitely recommend having at least 1 of them. Otherwise, stat increases are great, or taking damage traits like Igneous Potential can help your group kill the boss and organs faster. For essences, I’d recommend running Vision of Perfection major if you need healing or Crucible of Flame if you prefer to spec more damage oriented. 

Healing Tips

  •  Make sure your healers are evenly spread around the room if you are using the no dispel strategy.
  • Have healing cooldowns available for when people may be moving to and from the Organs – movement is the most dangerous part of this fight as people can easily clip each other with their Cursed Blood circles.
  •  If you are targetted by a Blood of Ny’alotha, stun it when it is close to you – using hard CC like stuns, blinds, fears, and some other CC will cause the Bloods to pick a new target, giving you much more time to kill them.
  • Make sure you aren’t behind the active tank when you’re spread out around the room, otherwise you can die to the Eye of N’zoth frontal the boss will do.
 If you are planning on dispelling Cursed Bloods, a more traditional healing build will be much better as the majority of the raid will be able to stack. This strategy does require precise dispels, so make sure you have a way of calling out who to dispel so that you don’t accidentally wipe your raid. Each time multiple dispels are happening at the same time you want to have a healing CD available, so plan ahead of time. 


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