Fight Mechanics

The Hivemind is a 1 Phase encounter, however each boss will gain unique abilities whenever they control the Hivemind. Right away Tek’ris will gain control of the Hivemind by casting Tek’ris’s Hivemind Control. This will do a large amount of raid-wide damage and require the bosses to be at least within 20 yards of each other. Additionally, any adds that spawn under Tek’ris’s control will gain damage and movement speed every second that they’re alive, so it’s important to kill them quickly once they are stacked up to prevent running out of room due to the Acidic Blood they drop when killed. Both Echoing Void and Spawn Acidic Aqir happen throughout the fight regardless of who has control of the Hivemind, so it is important to properly spread or dodge these abilities when they’re active. The bosses will swap control of the Hivemind roughly every 1:15 which will always cause heavy raid-wide damage, and this is what you should be saving your healing CD’s for. 

When Ka’zir’s Hivemind Control is cast, the bosses will need to be separated by at least 20 yards or they will reduce their damage taken by 99%. Additionally, any adds that are active during this time will heal for 3% of their health per second, so adds need to be focused down or else you will start to become overwhelmed. Ka’zir will also cast Mind-Numbing Nova throughout the fight that needs to be interrupted – shamans are excellent at this because Wind Shear has a low cooldown, however anyone is capable of doing this paired with whoever is tanking the boss. Ka’zir will also buff one of the  adds and they will start a 20-second Volatile Eruption cast. This will deal heavy damage but will not overlap with the Devouring Frenzy damage, so unless people are getting hit by the Acidic Aqir adds the damage should not be lethal. 

The final type of adds that will spawn throughout the fight are the Aqir Darters, who will repeatedly cast Psionic Resonance which will deal some AoE damage. These adds can be CC’d using stuns, knockbacks, disorients, among other CC, and should be to reduce damage taken by the abilities. 

Suggested Talents

A standard talent setup is fine for this fight. If you feel your group is struggling with one of the Volatile Eruption casts you can opt to take Ancestral Protection Totem to give your raid the extra health buffer they may need. 

Notable Azerite Traits and Essences

During Devouring Frenzy damage there are times where the entire raid can be stacked up and receive lots of healing, which makes things like Spouting Spirits quite strong if you can get a good use out of it. As always, Heart of Darkness provides lots of stats and should be used if you have access to it and can meet the corruption requirements. For essences I would recommend using Vision of Perfection in either the major or minor slot as it allows you to use Healing Tide Totem on every other cast of Devouring Frenzy, which requires lots of healing. 

Healing Tips

  •  Dodging the Acidic Aqir adds is generally the hardest part of this encounter. If you are struggling with this, try standing nearby to an egg when they spawn, and move into its position whenever it rolls away from you. Similar to the Scythes on Mythic Argus in Legion, the Acidic Aqir adds generally don’t go through each other’s spawn locations, so they are typically safe areas. 
  • Use Healing Tide Totem on every other cast of Devouring Frenzy to help sustain your group during the heavy damage. 
  • If your group is struggling with kicks on Mind-Numbing Nova, make sure to have Ka’zir targetted so that you can backup your team with Wind Shear if needed. 
  • Drop Capacitor Totem on the Aqir Darters to interrupt their Psionic Resonance cast to reduce damage taken by them.


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