Fight Mechanics

Mekkatorque is a rather simple fight from a healer perspective.  The main ways your raid will be taking damage is through Blast Off / Crash Down, and Mekkatorque’s Sparkbots shooting their Spark Volley.  When Mekkatorque is brought below 40% health and he has come down from the intermission he gains Hyperdrive which adds a new raidwide pulsing mechanic in the form of Hyperdrive Discharge.  Other than these mechanics, dodge Buster Cannons, heal people who are targeted by Gigavolt Charge and the following Gigavolt Blasts.  In addition, when Mekkatorque reaches 40% health remaining, you will need to dodge Sheep Shrapnel spawned from the exploding sheep.  Periodically, Mekkatorque will cast Wormhole Generator which teleports everyone to one player’s location.  On Mythic, Mekkatorque will cause 3 people to be sent flying into the air and will polymorph 3 other people.  Dispel the polymorphed players as quickly as possible as Wormhole Generator is usually cast right before a Blast Off / Crash Down combo.  Throughout the fight if you are shrunk, you will need to enter a sparkbot and enter the shutdown codes provided to you by other shrunken raid members in their own sparkbots.  You cannot see your own color, so help your other raid members to shut down the other sparkbots.  In addition, when raid members are shrunk, one will become EnormousEnormous players should move as little as possible to prevent Trample on normal sized players and to prevent Squishing plays who are Shrunk.  Lastly, in Mythic when a Gigavolt Charge expires a Gigavolt Radiation Zone will appear beneath the feet of the player who had the Gigavolt Charge.  These zones will disappear after 3 minutes and should be avoided at all costs.

Suggested Talents

There’s a few talents you can swap out on Mekkatorque depending on how you want to handle the mechanics.  Earthgrab Totem can be selected if you need an extra root to keep the sparkbots under control.  EWT or APT can be selected as well.  EWT can help if you need extra healing in the final phase.  APT can be used if someone stands in a radiation zone accidentally or gets hit by too many Sheep Shrapnel.

Notable Azerite Traits

No matter how to decide to handle the groups positioning, at least 1 Overflowing Shores will be very helpful in covering almost the entire raid with Healing RainSpouting Spirits can be good if you coordinate raid movement out of Crash Down landing areas.

Healing Tips

  • Look for opportune times to get a channeled mana potion off in phase 1 when there’s not much raid damage going out, usually after a Crash Down.
  • This fight is all about personal responsibility, so make sure you are positioning well and not tunneling raid frames.
  • There is a lot of down time where you will be doing triage / priority target healing, use proper spells like HW and Riptide.


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