• Decimation – This is the primary “AoE damage” ability of the encounter, and will be the ability that you will want to center your healing around. This ability targets six members of the raid and after a few seconds spawns a targeting circle under their feet. Moments later, a barrage of missiles will hit at the targeted location, dealing (likely lethal) damage to anyone standing inside, as well as unavoidable AoE damage to the raid.
    • After destroying the Decimator during Apocalypse Drive, this ability will stun its 6 targets for a few seconds – preventing them from running out of the group with the targeting circles. Simply have the raid stack and move as a group for this after the empowerment.
  • Annihilation – The soaking mechanic that we all grew to love (not so much) in ToS makes another debut here. The boss will simply shoot missiles into the air that create green circles on the ground when they land.
    • After destroying the Annihilator during Apocalypse Drive, this ability will knock back anyone who soaks the missiles on the ground. After the initial soak, a fel crater will form, which will ALSO need to be soaked by either the same player (using a displacement or immunity) or another nearby player. The best way to handle this is to have your members pair off on the fly, or to simply have players that soak attempt to get knocked towards a crater after the initial hit.
  • Apocalypse Drive – This is the intermission phase of the fight, and it simply requires you to dodge the green blasts on the ground until either the Decimator or Annihilator is destroyed (The easiest tactic is generally to kill the Decimator on the first Apocalypse Drive, and the Annihilator on the second). Once a weapon is destroyed, its respective ability will become empowered for the remainder of the encounter, and the boss will begin casting Eradication.
    • Eradication – This signals the end of Apocalypse Drive, and will be cast twice during the encounter. This ability will pull players towards the boss and explode upon cast completion for massive damage. Players should simply run to the back of the boss room and use a raid CD (SLT is great here) to survive the damage as they transition back to the boss’s active phase.

Another important note is that the boss will constantly cast Searing Barrage (unavoidable passive damage) at random targets throughout the fight. As you progress further in the encounter, this damage becomes more intense, and happens more frequently.


  • T15 – Unleash or Torrent – Unleash Life is recommended if your raid needs purely AoE throughput in order to handle the Decimations. Torrent is the superior choice if spot healing soakers or tanks is also needed.
  • T30 – All Choices Are Viable and bring different uses – Note that Gust of Wind can be used to double soak the same Meteor after Annihilation is empowered.
  • T45 – Irrelevant
  • T60 – AG is the only correct option (as usual
  • T75 – EST is likely the correct choice for most people, as the throughput it brings for every other Decimation is extremely nice. In a raid that overgears the content APT can also be taken for those “oh shit moments” if someone looks like they might die to soaking a meteor.
  • T90 – CBT – it lines up perfectly with every ability on this encounter.
  • T100 – High Tide will almost always be the correct option. The AoE damage is not massive enough or spread over a long enough period to warrant Ascendance.

For Legendaries any combination of Prydaz/Velens/Roots/Fire can be used on this encounter depending on your gear (likely the setup that gives you the best itemization will end up performing the best for you here). If all else is equal, Prydaz greatly assists in double soaking, and Fire should probably be avoided if you’re progressing simply due to RNG. NOTE: Soul can also be used on this fight if for some reason you’re the only person spot healing soakers in your raid. But unless you’re lacking a holy pally, holy priest AND a mistweaver it’s likely not the best option unless it is the only mechanic your group is struggling with.


Timing is extremely important during this fight. It is important to note that the boss alternates his two major abilities (Decimation and Annihilation) constantly throughout the fight, with a 15 second gap between them. This means that Decimation and the large AoE damage that accompanies it, occurs almost exactly every 30 seconds (in practice it ranges from 30-31.5 seconds apart based on tank mechanics). Because of this your goal should be to fill up CBT as much as possible and pop it immediately after the AoE damage in order to prevent deaths as effectively as possible.
As of the current Bigwigs release build, casting CBT 2.5 seconds before the dot application tracker for Decimation hits 0 will cause the totem to pop roughly 0.5 seconds after the AoE damage begins. Because of this, CBT should be dropped somewhere after that point. Anywhere from 2.5 seconds before to ~1 seconds after should yield good results.


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