Mythic Guide

This guide is for the Heroic version of the fight and explains the basics.
For the the changes in Mythic difficulty, check out our Mythic guide by clicking the button below.


Fetid Devourer is a very straight forward Patchwerk like fight.  

The main mechanics on the fight are dealing with the massive amount of damage tanks are taking, as well as healing players targeted by Malodorous Miasma which turns into Putrid Paroxysm.  Throughout the fight Fetid Devourer will cast Shockwave Stomp, knocking back all players and dealing damage to your entire raid, try to position yourself so you get knocked into a wall so you have less downtime on healing priority targets.  When Fetid Devourer’s energy reaches 100, it will cast Rotting Regurgitation which is a large endless cone that deals large amounts of damage and will apply a stack of Malodorous Miasma to anyone hit by it.  Avoid getting hit by Rotting Regurgitation at all costs, but if you are going to be hit by it, use Astral Shift to reduce the upfront damage.  

When Fetid Devourer hits 50% health remaining, it gains Fetid Frenzy which increases its damage dealt by 25% and damage received by 50% – this is likely when you will use Bloodlust / Heroism.  Be prepared to start spam healing tanks more often in this part of the fight as well as dealing with larger hits raidwide on Shockwave Stomp and Malodorous Miasma.


This talent setup provides us with the most single target healing possible while also bringing good burst AoE heals in the form of Wellspring.  Since tanks are the primary targets of damage taken, Earth Shield is recommended as the majority of the fight will be spent healing tanks or other priority targets.  


  1. Rotate through healing cooldowns after each Shockwave Stomp.
  2. Aim Wellspring after each Shockwave Stomp to try to hit the most people possible (usually aimed towards the boss to hit melee and tanks).
  3. Avoid using Chain Heal and Healing Rain as most of your raid will be spread dealing with other mechanics in the fight.  Use Healing Wave and Healing Surge liberally while using Riptide on cooldown to try to get as many Tidal Waves as possible.


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