Note that the Felhounds of Sargeras have a multitude of abilities, most of which are fairly basic and can be avoided without much incident. I would recommend glancing over the dungeon journal for the details of the minor abilities. Below I will be touching on the combos/abilities that will likely cause issues for groups that are struggling with the boss.

  • Shadowtouched/Flametouched – These debuffs are the central cause of the difficulty jump from Normal/Heroic to Mythic. At first glance they look minor, but will likely be the primary cause of wipes to any guild struggling with the encounter. When these buffs are applied, they will essentially split your raid into 2 groups, with the Flametouched players moving to DPS the Fire Dog, and the Shadowtouched players moving to DPS the Shadow Dog. When the Flametouched players on the Fire Dog take shadow damage they will poop fire on the ground, and when the Shadowtouched players on the Shadow Dog take fire damage, they will yank the closest friendly player to their location, dealing damage to them.
  • Enflame Corruption – When F’harg (the Fire Dog) reaches 100 energy he will begin channeling this ability, which will apply Fire DoT effects to random players throughout the raid. This DoT also pulses AoE damage to nearby players, so anyone afflicted should try to distance themselves from other raiders. This ability happens roughly every 1:45 if F’harg is never empowered due to proximity.
    • For the players that are forced to DPS the Shadow Dog during this channel, they will likely be yanked around and constantly gripped to one another due to the nature of Shadowtouched’s effect. This is the perfect time for Shadowtouched healers and DPS to pop their raid CDs and defensives, as they will taking damage from the grips, the DoTs, and the ensuing AoE pulses.
  • Siphon Corruption – Shatug’s (the Shadow Dog) 100 energy ability causes random players in the raid to pulse for shadow damage every 1.5 seconds that is split amongst nearby players. The simple solution to this ability is to stack the raid, causing all of the damage of these debuffs to be evenly split. This ability happens roughly every 1:15-1:20 if Shatug is never empowered due to proximity.
    • For the players that are forced to DPS the Fire Dog, this will certainly be the most dangerous point of the fight. The Flametouched players will need to stack up together to split the damage of Siphon Corruption, however with every tick, all 8-10 players will be spawning patches of fire on the ground that will likely kill any player that stands in them. To combat this you will need to stack on a predetermined target and move as a group. As a shaman you are perfect for this, as being able to control the group’s movement (make sure you keep your friends in melee range!) will also allow you to keep players in your healing rain/EST/APT/SLT for as long as possible during the most dangerous part of the encounter for the Flametouched players.


  • T15 – Torrent will likely be the best option because of the high movement during the most difficult combos of the encounter
  • T30 – Graceful Spirit is probably the default for throughput here, as it will allow you to have SWG available for consecutive 100 energy combos (one being 1:45 and one being 1:15-1:20) – Note that GoW can also be useful both to escape the pull of the Consuming Sphere and to hop into a group of players for Weight of Darkness
  • T45 – Irrelevant
  • T60 – AG is the only correct option (as usual)
  • T75 – EST is the HPS option, APT is the utility option – both choices have valid reasoning behind them
  • T90 – CBT (If you really want Echo use Soul)
  • T100 – High Tide and Ascendance are both viable here, with High Tide edging out Ascendance in more scenarios than not. Ascendance will give you a better burst option for the hard parts of the fight, but don’t be surprised if you fall behind on comparative healing on the other parts of the encounter if you forgo High Tide.

For Legendaries any combination of Prydaz/Velens/Roots/Soul can be used on this encounter depending on your gear (likely the setup that gives you the best itemization will end up performing the best for you here). If all else is equal, since the fight includes a lot of random snap damage, Prydaz is extremely valuable, and the choice between the others will most likely come down to personal preference.


This fight is all about group coordination, and for much of the encounter it may feel like you are healing a 10 man raid (you will likely be in range of both groups quite often, but it may not always be the case). It’s very important to have CBT rolling into every 100 energy ability from either dog (matching color or not). This requires decent energy tracking of both dogs (yes you can get essentially all of them if you play on point) – I would recommend finding a good energy weakaura if you are concerned about the encounter. SLT should be saved for when you get Flametouched, as moving as a group for Siphon with SLT up essentially prevents any and all deaths during its duration, even with multiple mistakes.


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