Eonar just wants to be left alone, but all these rude guys just want to get up in her grill. It’s your job to slap them away.

To be honest there are TONS of ways to do this boss, and 90% of the time you simply need to stick to your assigned group and traverse through the fight as mobs spawn around the zone.

As a healer you will almost always be assigned to handling one of the Paraxis groups, and you will also likely pick up the yellow debuff. This debuff will cause damage to you for any movement you make, and stacks the more you move. Simply just try to remain stationary as much as possible to reduce the impact of this ability while you continue to handle your group assignments.


To be honest you can take literally any talent setup and complete any assignment you are given within reason. Most of your selections should just be made based on that/where you are assigned and who you are with. I highly recommend Lightning Surge Totem on the small waves of adds.

Roots/Prydaz/Velens/Soul are the good choices here, but to be honest if you’re standing in the places you’re supposed to be standing you can rock bracers/belt and still be falling asleep the whole fight.


Really the only tips to give for this fight is that if you quickly tap your “W” key with the yellow debuff you can inch in a direction without stacking up your movement debuff. You also don’t stack up the debuff while flying in a straight line with your extra action button.


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