Fight Mechanics

This fight does not change much from its Heroic difficulty, instead there are just more adds that spawn and failing to keep them under control will eventually cause your raid to wipe. There are 3 types of adds, the Tentacle of Drest’agath, the Eye of Drest’agath, and the Maw of Drest’agath. The Tentacles are generally the most important adds to manage on the fight because they periodically cast Entropic Crash along with the boss which will deal heavy falloff damage to the entire raid. Having too many Tentacles alive at once can easily cause a wipe, so they should generally be the first thing your group tries to kill. The Maws of Drest’agath will periodically cast Acid Splash, which will do AoE damage on a targetted player. The Maws will also apply a healing absorb to players who are close to them, so ranged DPS should primarily focus these adds down while the melee keep the Tentacles under control. The Eyes of Drest’agath will randomly target a player in line of sight and channel Mind Flay on them which does a good amount of damage over time to the player. Because the Eyes can be interrupted, they should be the last of the adds your group should worry about. Each time an add is killed it will trigger its Death Throes ability, causing all similar add types to also trigger their ability at the same time. Generally, this is not too dangerous to worry about, but if you have multiple of one add type alive it is something you should be aware of. The tanks will take turns debuffing the adds with Volatile Seed – this will debuff you if you are within the circle when it expires, so make sure you are giving your tanks room to drop off the debuffs where they need to. Finally, each time an add of any type dies, it will drop 4 Void Infused Ichor for players to pick up. You should have your DPS primarily get these to damage the boss, and grab them as a healer whenever you believe one of them is going to expire. 

Suggested Talents

A standard talent setup works fine on this boss. Wind Rush Totem may be nice for your group at some points as there will be a good amount of movement around the room, especially for the melee group moving from add set to add set. 

Notable Azerite Traits and Essences

This fight has a good amount of raid-wide AoE damage, and later on when multiple Tentacles are up, Entropic Crash can be deadly. Having at least 1 Spouting Spirits is nice for these moments, otherwise I would recommend using popular traits such as Overflowing Shores and Heart of Darkness. For Essences I’d recommend using Vision of Perfection as a major – Worldvein could be nice on a fight with frequent AoE events, but there is a good amount of movement on the fight which makes the essence lose some value. 

Healing Tips

  •  Save CD’s for when the boss casts Throes of Agony or Entropic Crash as these are the 2 most likely things to kill your teammates.
  • Kick the Eye of Drest’agath if you’re in range and in line of sight
  • If your job is to heal the ‘melee group’ that is killing the Tentacles of Drest’agath, you can stand just outside of the smoke cloud and chain heal off of yourself and still get healing out of it. Also, the smoke cloud does not cause Healing Tide Totem to act as though everyone else is line of sight.


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