With Battle for Azeroth coming out and Legion behind us I want to talk about the changes to spells as well as the specialization in general as well as what Azerite traits to look out for going into Uldir.

General Changes

  • Lightning Surge Totem was renamed to Capacitor Totem and is now baseline. In addition its stun duration has been changed from 5 to 3 seconds.
  • Tremor Totem is back, removing Fear, Charm and Sleep effects from party and raid members.
  • Healing Wave got re-balanced to be stronger than Healing Surge.
  • Artifact traits are gone shifting the relative power of abilities.
    • Talents like Unleash Life and Wellspring are stronger now since our Legion artifact buffed our base toolkit but not our talents.

Stat Ratings per 1% at 120

  • Critical Strike – 72
  • Haste – 68
  • Mastery – 24
  • Versatility – 85
  • Leech – 40
  • Speed – 20
  • Avoidance – 28
Secondary stats retain a similar balance between each other in BFA as they did in Legion. Tertiary stats such as Leech and Avoidance received relative nerfs. This means you won’t be seeing upwards of 13% leech from only wearing 2-3 pieces of leech gear. This makes tertiary stats much weaker and avoidance cap will be much harder to obtain.


In BFA our talents have been changed significantly with only tiers 15, 60, and 100 remaining unchanged. For more details about talents in Battle for Azeroth check out our talents guide here.

The Heart of Azeroth

The Heart of Azeroth is a new artifact necklace that we will be collecting Azerite Power to gain an empowered artifact. This necklace scales in item level in proportion to the number of levels you have unlocked. These levels also unlock Azerite Traits on Azerite Gear. Azerite Gear is limited to Helms, Shoulders, and Chest pieces. Each piece for a particular slot will always have the same traits. That means every shaman who obtains Mail of the Champion will have the same traits to choose from. As the item level of Azerite pieces increases, new rows of traits unlock (up to four currently). The outer ring of traits contains one option for each of the specializations of a class as well as one general purpose trait. Some traits can have some overlap that may work in other specializations, although currently most choices are between the relevant specialization of your choice and the general purpose trait.


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