Fight Mechanics

While Champion of the Light is the first encounter in Battle of Dazar’alor, there are a few key mechanics to look out for as a healer.  There is raid wide damage every time the boss melees during Seal of Retribution.  Use AoE healing spells frequently to combat this.  Also the tank who is tanking the main boss will be taking increased damage over time from Sacred Blade, make sure to keep an eye on this tank as you are healing the raid.  When Seal of Retribution ends and Seal of Reckoning begins the constant raid damage will cease.  Any damage done to the boss from a target without Sacred Blade will cause the boss to gains stacks of Zealotry.  When all the adds are defeated or when the boss reaches full energy, the boss will cast Judgement: Reckoning which you will want to use defensive cooldowns for.  Lastly, the boss will periodically cast Wave of Light.  Make sure to dispel anyone who is hit by the wave as it deals a large amount of damage over time.  Once the boss hits 30% health, it will cast Avenging Wrath, increasing its damage by 30%.  On mythic difficulty, the boss will also cast Prayer for the Fallen.  During this cast any Disciple adds, and their ghosts will need to be interrupted, use Wind Shear to prevent them from healing the boss to full health.  Also the Crusader adds will cast Divine Mallet which sends out a spiral of hammers in four directions that deal damage on contact with players.

Suggested Talents

Due to the constant raid damage present during most off the encounter EWT and HT are recommended.  You could drop CBT in favor of Downpour as they will perform similarly throughput wise, but CBT is one less global and slightly more efficient mana-wise.  You could consider using Ascendance if you want to go full burst healing mode, but it’s not recommended unless your co-healers are fine using their cooldowns to supplement your lack of healing outside of Ascendance.

Notable Azerite Traits

The two most efficient azerite powers on this encounter are Spouting Spirits and Overflowing Shores.  Since you will be keeping HR on cooldown for Seal of Retribution, Overflowing Shores will provide a large amount of healing throughout the encounter.  Spouting Spirits is good as you will be using SLT right before the boss casts Judgement: Reckoning which will allow SLT to quickly top the raid.

Healing Tips

  • This fight is very short, spam AoE heals like CH or HR as much as needed.  During Seal of Retribution you can use a channeled mana potion if you think you’ll need more mana.
  • Dispel Wave of Light as fast as possible especially later in the fight as the damage it deals scales off the boss’s stacks of Zealotry


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