What is cloudburst totem?

Cloudburst Totem was first introduced in Warlords of Draenor.  In Legion the talent saw great effectiveness in raiding and mythic+.  In Battle for Azeroth the power of CBT has been lowered significantly due to the loss of AG as well as CBT replacing HST.  Cloudburst Totem is now a good option for conserving mana when compared to other talents in tier 90. It also gained some flexibility due to Echo of the Elements being moved to tier 30 talents which enables us to have 2 charges of CBT.  The totem absorbs 25% of the healing YOU do during its 15 seconds window and distributes it equally to all injured players on a 40 yard range of your character and not the totem.

What feeds into cloudburst?

This is a question I see very often on our discord and decided to use this space to clear some things out. Your totems, such as Healing Tide Totem, will not feed into Cloudburst.  This also means the Azerite traits like Swelling Streams, Ebb and Flow, and Sprouting Spirits will not feed Cloudburst.  Currently Overflowing Shores also does not provide any feeding. Only healing done by restoration shaman abiltites will feed into Cloudburst including talents. It’s also important to note that overhealing feeds Cloudburst as well.

How do I use Cloudburst Totem?

You want to be using Cloudburst Totem on cooldown or close to it in order to get maximum usage out of it.  Taking Echo of the Elements helps in not wasting casts of CBT during low damage portions of an encounter. Having high casts of Cloudburst will ensure it is one of your top healing abilities. There are some instances where you would delay Cloudburst, for example if your Cloudburst will just overheal if you start ramping up now. In this scenario, delay your ramp up and DPS the boss instead.

It is important to use one charge as often as possible while banking a charge to save for a preplanned ramp scenario because every second wasted can add up to a considerable amount of “free healing” at the end of every fight.

What should I cast during my cloudburst totem?

When you’re ramping for a big hit, you would want to drop Cloudburst Totem, cast Healing Rain and spam Chain Heal if using High Tide.  Otherwise make sure you are efficiently using Tidal Waves stacks while using Chain Heal as necessary to keep charges of Tidal Waves incoming.  Make sure that you keep Healing Rain on a stack of people who are in need of healing. Try to use all charges of Riptide before you drop your Cloudburst Totem as the healing over time component will feed into the Cloudburst.

How do i maximize Cloudburst Totem?

Generally speaking, unless you’re planning for a huge hit, you shouldn’t worry much about changing what you normally would just because Cloudburst is down. You want to Healing Rain everytime its down just for passive healing and then do what your raid needs at that moment.

Obviously you need to keep track of Cloudburst, and know what spells you can fit during the remaining duration. If you have 1.5 seconds left on it, and Chain Heal is a 2 second cast, instead of casting a Chain Heal you would want to cast a Healing Surge or Healing Wave if you want to be more mana efficient due to Tidal Waves, followed by a Riptide for instance. This ensures that you maximize healing during your Cloudburst.

Using Wellspring with Cloudburst

When talented into Wellspring it is important to try to line up Cloudburst with Wellspring.  This will ensure a big burst of healing feeding your Cloudburst. This setup is great for back to back bursts of damage.  This setup has significantly lower sustained healing but with Echo of the Elements talented you can almost always have a Cloudburst Totem ready for every wellspring.  Do note that Wellspring has an overheal protection component that reduces its healing to 25% if it will fully overheal a target. This makes timing your Wellsprings to effectively heal incredibly important.


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