Fight Mechanics

Blackwater Behemoth can be killed as either the second or the third boss in The Eternal Palace. It should be noted, you cannot do normal pre-fight things such as eat food while underwater unless you use the Barnacle-Encrusted Gem so try to remember to get all of your buffs before you go underwater.

The majority of the damage will come from Toxic Spine and being too close to other players via Bioelectric Feelers. There is one new addition to the fight on Mythic which is Piercing Barb, which will inflict 1.3million damage split between all players hit. If a player with an immunity gets this ability it is best that they get away from all other players and solo it as it will drastically reduce the amount of damage taken. Alternatively, you can have raid members help soak the Piercing Barb to split the damage done. Like Heroic, this boss has 3 platforms, however it is not required that you visit all 3 platforms to kill the boss Each Platform has 2 Shimmerskin Pufferfish which will explode into a Bioluminescent Cloud when killed, and players will need to swim into the cloud to remove Darkest Depths

Suggested Talents

Ground-placed spells and abilities are a bit of a hassle to use on this boss, so generally you want to avoid them if you can. I’d recommend Ancestral Vigor because of this, while otherwise using the ‘standard’ talent build. 

Notable Azerite Traits and Essences

Spouting Spirits does still work underwater, and has a y-axis equal to roughly the diameter of the totem (picture the animation as a giant bubble). Having at least one Overflowing Shores may be useful, however, it’s sometimes difficult to make use of Healing Rain on this encounter. Artifice of Time can actually see some use in this fight to help deal with Piercing Barb; having two healers use Artifice combined with external and personal DR’s, a person without an immunity is able to successfully solo Piercing Barb. If you are not planning on doing this, I would recommend the ‘standard’ Memory of Lucid Dreams and the Ever-Rising Tide combo.

Healing Tips

  • Artifice of Time is something worth discussing with your other healers, if you plan on using it make sure to plan who is using it and when.
  • Make sure you know who has Darkest Depths and who does not so you aren’t wasting healing into someone who cannot receive any healing!
  • Make sure you have a healing CD planned for every Piercing Barb in case the person does not have an immunity as this will be the biggest burst of damage in the fight.


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