Argus is the grand finale of the Antorus raid tier and is by far the most healing intensive fight. With this fight being so healing intensive, I have created a video guide to accompany this written guide.


Argus is a three phase encounter on Mythic difficulty. The first two of these phases largely are similar to the heroic version of this encounter with some slight tweaks due to the presence of Sargeras on the encounter space. The changes that Sargeras brings to the fight is two debuffs that you have to deal with as a whole raid, Sargeras’ Rage and Sargeras’ Fear. It is important to note that as a Restoration Shaman (since you are classified as a ranged), you cannot be targeted by Sargeras’ Rage for the first two casts of the ability. When you get Sargeras’ Fear, you need to be stacked with at least one other person to prevent getting Crushing Fear, a DoT that does around 350k each tick on a 0.5 sec tick rate. Watch out for people with Sargeras’ Rage as standing close to them will give you a DoT that does the same damage as getting a stack of the Fear DoT. Each time Sargeras casts this ability, either one rage will be added to the raid, or one fear depending on the cast number. Even casts add an extra Sargeras’ Fear, while odd casts add an extra Sargeras’ Rage. The first cast is one Sargeras’ Fear and one Sargeras’ Rage.

Sargeras' Rage
Sargeras' Fear
  • In the first phase, stay with your raid to bait the Cone of Death. If you have Sargeras’ Rage, make sure you stand behind your raid group since the Cone of Death can still target you. Make sure when dropping off Soulblight with Sargeras’ Fear you have someone standing in your circle with you the entire time to prevent gaining DoT stacks. Try to line up your cloudburst detonations when Tortured Rage hits the raid. Lastly, choose between Gift of the Sea or Gift of the Sky and try to maintain stacking the buff for as long as possible. Consider taking Gift of the Sea for progression as the versatility will aid in survivability.
  • As you transition from phase 1 into phase 2 ensure your tanks do not move the boss until he casts his first Sweeping Scythe. Once fully transitioned, make sure you are spread out to get a new set of Sargeras’ Fear and Sargeras’ Rage. Shortly after, the first set of Soulbomb and Soulbursts will go out. No matter what, one healer will get Soulbomb or Soulburst each time the ability is cast (Soulbomb can only target healers). Make sure you are stood on the tank with Aegis of Aggramar to avoid dying to the Soulbomb detonation (also make sure you are well away from the rest of the raid). Make sure you dodge the Edge scythes that go through the room and the boss will transition at 40% health. There is around 1 minute of roleplay that happens at this transition. 

This is where the healing intensive part of the fight begins.

  • After reviving at the Gift tree in phase 3, start DPSing the boss for a few seconds then position for the first set of scythes scythes. If you ever stand in the middle of the room during those in this phase (for example with a rage debuff), you can dodge them by checking 2 angles after they all spawned – if they’re spinning, don’t stand in their path, if they aren’t then stand in front of one. Scythes go through and you do the same for the remaining ones.
    • After the scythes, spread for Sargeras’ Fear and Rage.
    • Stack if you have no rage debuff to bait the Apocolypsis Module. As the Module dies, it releases an Apocalypsis Pulse for each Apocolypsis Module that has been spawned on the current pull.
    • Top the raid off then prepare for the first set of Sentence of Sargeras. It is best to break these two Sentences together and use a strong set of cooldowns, as breaking them will give a raid-wide stacking DoT, Shattered Bonds.
    • Afterwards another Apocolypsis Module will spawn. After defeated, spread for Sargeras’ Fear and Rage.
  • This is where strategies start to differ. I’m going to explain how to deal with suiciding the third set of Sentences, but suiciding the second set should follow a similar pattern.
    • Immediately after getting the Fears and Rages, another set of scythes spawn, get to the wall and deal with them.
    • As the scythes end, a set of Sentence of Sargeras will go out onto the raid. These you want to either break 1 by 1, breaking one right after the scythes and holding the other, or both at the end of the duration by letting them expire. Ensure you are healing the person or people who are holding their Sentences. Make sure you have at least one healer cooldown assigned here per Sentence broken. Another Apocolypsis module spawns during these Sentences and should explode around when the Sentence debuff expires.
    • The next mechanic is another set of scythes then a set of Sargeras’ Fear and Rage. If you are suiciding the third sentences, this is where you would want to die and use the tree to revive.
  • The boss will now start to cast Tortured Rage in sets of three with 10 second gaps in between.
    • Another Apocolypsis Module will spawn during the tree revive and the Tortured Rage set will go out. The fourth set of Sentences go out and an Apocolypsis Module spawns right after. These Sentences you will most likely want to hold as the healing cooldowns used on the first set of Sentences will come up around 20 seconds into these Sentences. When these Sentences break, the boss will be in the middle of another Tortured Rage. This is also where Bloodlust/Heroism will come off cooldown. Use the same cooldowns here as the first set of Sentences as well as whatever other cooldowns available. Use personal cooldowns when the Tortured Rage hits while the Shattered Bonds debuff is on the raid. Making it through this part of the fight is by far the most healing intense.
    • As the end of the fight nears, one last set of Sargeras’ Fear and Rage will be applied to the raid and an Apocolypsis Module will spawn and a 5th set of Sentence of Sargeras will be applied to the raid. These sentences should never be broken as the fight should be ending either due to you killing the boss, or the boss killing you in berserk.


  • T15 – You can go with Undulation or Torrent here, although Undulation is recommended if you will be using Ascendance as the level 100 talent.
  • T30 – Any talent here is viable
  • T45 – None of these talents impact play on this encounter.
  • T60 – Ancestral Guidance is the best talent in this tier.
  • T75 – Ancestral Protection Totem or Ancestral Vigor are the best two performing talents here. If running Ancestral Protection Totem, you can use it in Phase 1 or 2 and then for the fourth set of Sentences in Phase 3.
  • T90 – Cloudburst Totem is the only real choice here.
  • T100 – Ascendance is a strong pick for this fight as is High Tide. I feel as though Ascendance is slightly better due to the fight having more burst damage and less sustained damage, but High Tide can be beneficent if all burst spikes are covered by cooldowns.

For Legendaries, there are many options. I recommend Velen’s Future Sight as the fight has many windows that it excels in. The other options are either Prydaz for more self sustain and allowing you to live through mistakes, Roots to help deal with DoT damage on yourself, Soul of the Farseer if you prefer to have Echo of the Elements and lastly Fire in the Deep since the fight is very long and you will get many Ascendance procs.



  • Notice that every time you revive using the tree, you gain full mana meaning your mana pool is near infinite – use this to your advantage and use expensive spells a lot more freely.
  • Time Cloudburst Totem detonations to line up with incoming burst damage.
    • Using it ~1 Second before an Tortured Rage cast, will have it explode right as the next Tortured Rage hits, allowing you to use the damage of one cast to fill up the totem for another one.
  • During Shattered Bond windows in phase 3, try to line up big cloudburst detonations to save people from dying to Tortured Rage.
  • Watch out for players who get multiple stacks of DoTs from Sargeras’ Fear and Rage.
  • Watch out for the later Apocolypsis Module explosions as they will start to hit for over 2 million damage.
  • Try to use one healing spell every time after reviving from the tree if you are wearing a pantheon trinket, this will almost guaranteed proc it and get an empowered pantheon proc for the DPS in your raid.
  • Make sure you can clearly see who has SoulblightSoulburstSoulbomSentence of SargerasCrushing Fear and Unleashed Rage as it is crucial that they don’t die during raid wide damage.
  • There are a lot of windows to DPS as theres not that much lethal damage outside of debuffs, try to use those.


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