Antoran High Command is a three boss encounter, however the fight does not change too much from boss to boss. There are essentially only four major abilities that affect the raid – three of which are active at a time. For ease I will be describing the boss simply by which boss is active in numbered order, eg. Boss 1/2/3.

  • Shock Grenade – The only ability that persists through the entire encounter, Shock Grenade will target a random non tank and explode after a few seconds, dealing damage and stunning the targeted player and all nearby players. Make sure you get out if targeted and target heal these players if you do not, doubly so if they get stunned right before a fusillade impact.
  • Entropic Mine – These are simply green mines that are thrown on the ground that automatically blow up after a given amount of time – they apply a DoT upon explosion and are also triggered by being stepped on. Because of this, your non-active tank will need to run around popping these throughout the encounter to prevent too many from blowing up at once later on. They spawn during the active phases of Boss 1 and Boss 3
    • Note that the players in the pod during Boss 3 can use the Pod’s ability to disable waves of mines during the fight – however this alone will not be enough to clear the floor safely
  • Summoning Beacon – This summons adds, you can emergency kick the pyromancers if your melee are space cases – however it should not be your primary duty. Don’t stand in the bladestorms unless you’re overgeared and are trying to be a filthy padder – then by all means scumbag away. These will spawn during the active phase of Boss 1 and Boss 2
  • Fusillade – This is a massive burst of raid AoE that shoots from the looming ship above. It is the second highest source of damage during the encounter, and is our bread and butter as a shaman. It hits the ground exactly every 30 seconds during the active phases of Boss 2 and Boss 3. The damage of this ability can and should be reduced by the shields that are dropped on the ground using the ability of the player in the pod during Boss 2’s active phase.
  • Command Pod – As a healer, it is likely you will only be assigned to control the open command pod during the active phase of Boss 1, as this is the only phase without Fusillade to heal through. While in the pod you take increasing damage, and you want to try to stay inside until about 20-25 stacks. The pod has three major abilities.
    • Ability 1 will simply shoot your target for a bit of damage, as well as stacking an increased damage taken debuff on the target. You should try to shoot this ability at the boss as much as possible, and should never cast more than one other ability in between casts of this.
    • Your second ability in Pod 1 is  Withering Fire, a targeted AoE ground effect, that after 2 seconds shoots a barrage of missiles that deals massive damage to any non-boss target. This should be aimed at the adds from summoning beacon if they are alive, and at the bats trying to pull you out of the pod otherwise (NOTE: To maximize damage you should cast this at the boss’s feet around 1.8 seconds remaining on the Summon Reinforcements timer to hit the mobs instantly).
    • Your third ability will simply instakill a bat that is trying to pull you from the pod. Most of the time your DPS should kill the bats without you needed to cast this, but it’s nice to help clear up some of the double waves that spawn.


  • T15 – Unleash and Torrent are both perfectly viable here (I personally use Torrent)
  • T30 – Graceful or Gust are both acceptable options here – the bosses rotate about every 1:30 and graceful will allow you to SWG every transition across the room, while Gust will allow you to jump in/out of the raid more effectively with Shock Grenade (I personally preferred Gust)
  • T45 – Irrelevant
  • T60 – AG is the only correct option (as usual)
  • T75 – All three choices are arguable here – APT brings a good cooldown for Fusillade or a great “oh shit” button if too many bombs are popped at once – EST can essentially be cast off CD with 0 lost healing due to the ticking nature of the bombs and the stacking nature of the boss – AV is great to give the players that are targeted by Shock Grenade that extra bit of health before they get stunned. Your best bet is to evaluate what your raid needs and choose accordingly
  • T90 – Fusillade > 30second CD, CBT 30second CD,
  • T100 – High Tide is almost always the clear winner here, the constant AoE damage from the mines favors it heavily unless your raid is drastically lacking in healing CDs

For Legendaries any combination of Prydaz/Velens/Roots can be used on this encounter depending on your gear (likely the setup that gives you the best itemization will end up performing the best for you here). There can be arguments made for Fire in the Deep if it works with your gear really well since the raid is stacked quite often. If your raid is constantly struggling to keep up the players targeted by Shock Grenade, Soul of the Farseer can be considered as well, but it is not ideal for this one overall.


It is extremely important to time your CBT with the first Fusillade properly, as you will have VERY little leeway to adjust your drop timing if you drop it too late on the first one. Go out of your way to stare at that timer, and note that bigwigs has a timer that counts to the START of the Fusillade cast, that is then followed by another 10 second timer for the impact (as of the current build – always subject to change at a moment’s notice). Because of the sheer volume of damage during this fight it’s extremely important to coordinate healing CDs with your teammates to prevent overlapping and potential waste. If your raid is struggling to keep up with the AoE damage of the Entropic mines, try to get your inactive tank to pop extra mines as the Fusillade Shield goes up on the raid, to get the extra DR it provides. If you see a player stranded and stunned outside the shield from Shock Grenade as Fusillade is about to hit, don’t be scared to drop a nice SLT on their head to save a life!


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