Aggramar is the first of the two big scary red men you’ll be facing in Mythic Antorus. He has five total phases, three of which involve fighting Aggramar himself, while the other two are intermission phases where you fight adds.

  • Phase 1 – This is simply a burn phase while dodging some simple mechanics.
    • You’ll want to be spread throughout the room as ranged to avoid hitting each other with ravenous blaze. Since you are spread, ensure you have a good healer spread around the room to be able to spot heal one or two people with the blaze each time it happens. 
    • The boss will cast wake of flame at random raid members. Simply don’t get hit by the wakes and this mechanic is easily handled.
    • The last mechanic that occurs in phase 1 is Taeshalach Technique. On Mythic difficulty the technique is cast in a semi random order and the abilities are empowered. This semi random order always ensures that the second Flame Rend is always cast last. The boss can also never start with a Searing Tempest cast. The last rule for the order is Aggramar must cast a Flame Rend + Foe Breaker set before casting the second Foe Breaker. For phase 1, the empowered ability is only Flame Rend; this makes it so no one in the raid can soak back to back Flame Rends in the same Taeshalach Technique.
  • Intermissions – Both are practically the same so I’ll explain them both now.
    • The intermissions are the exact same as Heroic where two big flame adds spawn that deal pulsing raid wide damage and lots of small ember adds spawn that must be crowd controlled and eventually hit the boss to apply a raid wide DoT called Blazing Eruption
    • During both intermissions, meteors will be raining down from the sky that you must dodge or risk being hit off the platform. The second transition introduces random wake of flames that you just need to dodge. The mythic change to these intermissions is the small adds spawn with different energy levels; four will spawn with significantly more energy and must be allowed to hit the boss first. It is advised to do at least two hits of little adds twice with at least two of the four being adds that have higher energy. From there you can simply grip in the highest energy add each time and be completely safe from ever triggering unwanted higher stacks. These intermission phases are where you are going to want to roll healing cooldowns to keep people healthy for the impacts of the Embers of Taeshalach.
  • Phase 2 –  a repeat of phase 1 except now Aggramar will cast Flare as the first mechanic at the start of the phase as well as after every Taeshalach Technique. As ranged bait the Flares away from the stack of Embers of Taeshalach to ensure they do not get empowered. The last change is the Searing Tempest during the Taeshalach Techniques now slowly pull everyone in the raid into them. Simply walk against this and maybe use some mobility cooldowns.
  • Intermission 2 – Now featuring Wake of Flame.
  • Phase 3  an exact clone of phase 2 but now Flares are empowered and spawn Wake of flame (Aggramar will no longer cast them), and Foe Breaker is now empowered during Taeshalach Techniques. Empowered Foe Breakers are simply dealt with by dispelling the tank the instant Aggramar hits them with Foe Breaker. It is easiest to assign two healers to a tank each and let them dispel to prevent everyone wasting GCDs on missed dispels. Empowered Flares now spawn Embers of Taeshalach adds that must be dispelled in some fashion; purge works well since there are only 3, but ideally use mass dispel.


For Legendaries Prydaz or Roots with Velens will be the best combinations.  Velens is almost mandatory since it is too strong with Ascendance and AG.  The other legendary is only going to be used to counteract the ticking damage that happens throughout the fight. Prydaz will save you from large upfront hits, whereas roots will heal you though all the ticking damage.


Save AG for Ascendance as the burst windows are the only scary parts of the fight. Spot heal people who are unfortunate enough to not dodge wake of flame. Use Healing Tide at the same time as Ascendance and Ancestral Guidance in the intermission to effectively solo 10-15 seconds of the intermission. In non intermission phases, keep Healing Rain on tanks and melee while spot healing with Healing Wave and Healing Surge.


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