Fight Mechanics

Abyssal Commander Sivara is the first boss in The Eternal Palace, however unlike past first bosses this is not a boss that can be killed by a group without some proper coordination, as it can quickly become very punishing.

There are 3 main sources of damage: Frost Mark and Toxic Brand will ramp up over time and deal increasing ticking damage, and Unstable Mixture will deal damage when a person removes their stacks of either Frost Mark or Toxic Brand. To clear your stacks, you simply need to take the opposite form of damage (Frost players take Venom damage, and vice versa). This fight doesn’t really change much from Heroic aside from the numbers being much higher, however keeping the stacks of Frost Mark and Toxic Brand low will reduce the amount of damage your raid will take dramatically, so it’s recommended to clear your stacks around 4-5 so long as your raid is healthy. As the fight becomes more intense look to help your teammates who have Overflowing Chill or Overflowing Venom as they will need help soaking the damage. Lastly, the boss will always fire Overwhelming Barrage in the same order every time, so the tanks can face the boss towards the entrance of the room for the first Overwhelming Barrage, then towards the far (back) side of the room for the next, alternating between each Barrage so the raid takes less Unstable Mixture damage during the Overwhelming Barrage casts.

Suggested Talents

This is our ‘standard’ talent build that we recommend, and nothing out of the ordinary changes in this fight so the standard build is great here. With the recent Wellspring buffs it is certainly viable to run Wellspring over High Tide, however there is no clear winner here, so pick what you’d prefer to play.

Notable Azerite Traits and Essences

Spouting Spirits and Overflowing Shores will provide a large amount of healing, however, it will be difficult to make use of Spouting Spirits full potential because your entire raid will be unable to stack up. Almost any essence can be used, even Vision of Perfection, as there will always be effective healing done at almost any time in the encounter, so this is a great fight to try out new Essences.

Healing Tips

  • Make sure your raid is healthy when you are clearing your stacks of either Frost Mark or Toxic Brand so you don’t accidentally kill someone who is low when Unstable Mixture goes out. 
  • People with Toxic Brand will take reduced healing, so try to keep them healthy while they are at low stacks as it will get harder to top them later on in the fight.
  • The first 30 seconds of the boss has relatively low damage, and because this boss has quite a large healthpool you should throw in some damage during this time.
  • Coordinate with your other healers so you don’t overlap your healing CD’s.


I enjoy healing. Niseko testing dummy irl.
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